Government of Ireland brought Irish flavors to Mumbai with an exclusive Hospitality Master-class

Mumbai: With a sizable portion of Indian students making Ireland a most
preferred destination for higher education. Education in Ireland, part of the government of
Ireland, brought leading Irish institutes to Mumbai for students who are aspiring to study in
Ireland and wish to know more about the country.
The day started with an exclusive hospitality master-class wherein representatives from Cork Institute of Technology and Shannon College of Hotel Management led the master class on ‘Plated Dessert: Chocolate Techniques’ and ‘How to be Internationally Employable’ with an objective to showcase the 360- degree growth that Ireland provides in the said sector.
Ireland’s hospitality institutions have observed that analytical skills are not the only skills
considered to be important, problem-solving and decision-making skills are valued to apply in the various aspects of Hospitality sector to improve and enrich the customer experience. Speaking on the plating master class, Ms. Catherine O’ Mahony – Lecturer Tourism & Hospitality, Cork Institute of Technology who conducted the aforementioned session said, “During the session we covered fundamental skills and key advance techniques of making macaroons & jelly fillings.

Culinary skills such as decorating and presenting desserts, key elements of chocolate designing & piping techniques were demonstrated to the students.” Whereas a formal degree in the hospitality sector trains you to communicate with people that
belong to various nations and cultures which gives a tremendous exposure to the students. 10 Irish hospitality institutions that were a part of the fair guided and educated on the industry and how it is beneficial for those interested in travel and events as positions are plentiful and the financial rewards are attractive. Ms. Helena Doody – Marketing Manager of Shannon College who conducted a theory session on International Placements mentioned, “In Ireland hospitality is one of the biggest sectors in terms of recruitment and revenue generation for the Ireland’s economy. The hotel industry is booming and we are opening many hotels every day.” Commenting further on the placements Ms. Doody further added, “What makes us special is that many world class hotels come to our campus every year to recruit our students because of our reputation in the industry and we are highly professional trainers and we teach the required professional ethos of hotel business education.”
The master class was followed by the Education in Ireland fair wherein leading Irish institutes addressed, discussed programmes available, intakes, offer acceptance, campus life, accommodation, international student support, scholarships, culture, and responded to queries of over 200 students & parents in Mumbai.

Talking about the fairs, Mr. Barry O’Driscoll, Senior Education Adviser, India – Education in
Ireland said, “Through the education fair we aim to provide a transparent and delightful
opportunity for the students to access end-to-end Irish education market under one roof. The fairs offer a broader perception on the courses, the job opportunities given post studies and various scholarships to interested students and help them make well-versed decisions about their education goals.” Other than Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow Education in Ireland fairs will also be organized in Bengaluru & Chennai.
Additionally, in the recent years the most popular courses in Ireland are mechanical
engineering, electronic engineering, biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence,
data analytics, cyber security, accounting/finance and MBA with an increased level of interest in courses such as media, design, arts, social sciences, hospitality and hotel management.
A key advantage of studying in Ireland is that students can avail of up to two years ‘stay-back’ option after completing their course, at postgraduate level. This guarantees students the opportunity to remain in Ireland for a period of two years to seek employment in dynamic
sectors such as ICT, biopharma, engineering, medical devices, food science and financial
services. The possibility of gaining valuable post-study work experience, makes Ireland a very compelling option for the Indian students. With over 1,000 multinationals based in Ireland, the country offers exciting career opportunities for talented graduates.
The country also offers a buzzing, multicultural society where students will certainly find the highest of education standards and warmest of welcomes as Ireland is well known for being a safe and welcoming society. Education in Ireland also extended their gratitude to all the participated institutes and visitors for a successful day.

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