Government of Rajasthan joins hands with Schoolnet to provide digital education to 36 residential schools and approx. 480 hostels in Tribal areas

Mumbai : Schoolnet, a unique and a leading EdTech company that provides technology-based education services to the schools announced its partnership with the Tribal area Development Department of Rajasthan. Under this, the two will work in tandem to deploy tech-driven learning programmes for children from 24 districts of the state’s tribal areas and digital training to 540 teachers.

Under the partnership, a dedicated working group will be set up to actively monitor and evaluate implementation of the programmes. Through this, the two aim to strengthen the quality of education being imparted, as well as aid in the deployment and adoption of EdTech as a solution.

The collaboration will feature three main components:


(a) ReadToMe: an AI centric solution which leverages a multisensory based approach to digitise English textbooks prescribed by the state education boards. In order to make it easy to access content, the UI employs regional languages. Under this, students from classes 6-12 will be able to access textbooks at ease, with the click of a button. This will be deployed and executed by Schoolnet in partnership/ jointly with English Helper Inc., that developed the technology.


(b) Additionally, there will also be provisions made for a special edition for teachers which can be used in-person. Along with this, Schoolnet will provide student centric editions which can be virtually access. Over time, ReadToMe has proven to be extremely beneficial in improving the reading and comprehension skills of the students, while making the teaching effective.



(c) Geneo: Schoolnet’s proprietary learning solution will be mapped to the curriculum of the Rajasthan state board, to allow students to access a variety of content that goes above and beyond that of their textbooks. Through this, they will be able to access digital content including, assessments, mentoring by teachers and live virtual classes. Geneo has been built by Schoolnet on the principles of Learn, Apply, Revise and Assess, which will be used during as well as post school hours to allow for learning at one’s own pace. During the first phase of the partnership, the solution will be provided for classes 9 & 10 covering Maths and Science syllabi.


(d) Teacher Training: As a vital step towards the success of digitalisation of education, in-depth training will be provided to teachers. Under this, they will be equipped with the know-how of using the the latest digital tools to create content, teach virtually, conduct assessments, monitor the learning progress of the students, and manage various other classroom engagement activities. This training programme including Workspace for Education would be delivered by Schoolnet along with support from Google for Education


Commenting on the developments, Mr. RCM Reddy, MD & CEO, Schoolnet said, “Through our unique education services, we have been empowering and impacting millions of children across the country. Our partnership with the Rajasthan government is a step towards strengthening our efforts and taking forward our mission of making digital learning accessible to all.

He further added, “We are confident that with this partnership, students from the tribal communities and rural locations will be empowered with tech-enabled learning to bring in positive systemic changes in the education ecosystem.”

“Technology has played a key role in helping ensure continuity and a lot of classrooms have moved to an ‘online’ format,” said Shri Kailsha Chandra Kohli Ji (DD Education Tribal Department Udaipur) “In many ways, this has catalysed the development of innovations in the education space, and it is imperative for us to reimagine education and keep pace with these innovations. Effective use of technology in education can aid transformation, and with Schoolnet joining in, the students in these tribal districts will benefit from the opportunity to access quality education”, he concluded.

As a part of their agenda, the Tribal Area Development Department, Government of Rajasthan is actively working to build and enhance the digital capabilities of the schools owned and managed by them. With this, the aim is to leverage technology centric solutions for improving the quality and outcomes of the education. Given the alignment of vision, Schoolnet will play an active role in the deployment and adoption of digital solutions across tribal schools.


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