Government of Uttar Pradesh partners with Wheebox to transform and digitize examination process for Board of Technical Education

New Delhi : With the increasing role of technology in examinations during the pandemic, Government of Uttar Pradesh conducted online exams as a viable alternative to technical education institutes. Government of Uttar Pradesh has roped Wheebox, a Cloud-based Global Assessment Platform to digitize its entire examination process. A total of over 200 thousand students took exams from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University and approximately 300 thousand students appeared from The Board of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh (BTE) for the online exams. These AI-enabled remote proctored exams offered robustness, scalability, seamlessness, and anti-cheating prowess.  It also ensured credible and secured exams.


Dedicated teams were deployed by the Universities and Technical Board along with Wheebox specialists for deployment, execution and monitoring, ensuring a secured exam. More than 3000 remote proctored were deployed across the state to monitor candidates. The assessments boast of offering the NextGenOnline Proctoring Solutions, withthe Face Recognition feature that enables a candidate to log in matching from the face library of registration in a secured layer helping the proctors to see whether a candidate is bona fide or not. Candidates’ movements are captured in real time using Face Tracking tool and corrective messages are displayed using Artificial Intelligence to the candidate. Features such as Object detection are also used to absolutely clamp down on cheating. The Wheebox Online Proctoring Solutions also captured the candidate screen and archived it in real time. Wheebox also uses its own browser (SafeExam Browser) to control candidate’s movements outside of the test window during the exam period for high stake tests.

According to Nirmal Singh, the Founder & CEO – Wheebox, “The pandemic has enhanced our shift towards Remote Proctored Examinations, which will provide the educational institutes with accuracy, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, security, scalability and quicker evaluations. In last one year, we have partnered with more than 130 premier Academic institutions with a smooth transition of online examinations.” He added that this Collaboration between UP Government has helped millions of Students get evaluated on merit and become future-ready for the competitive world.

According to the Secretary of Board of Technical Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh, “The smooth deployment of Online testing using Artificial Intelligence and Human Proctors has ensured not only the delivery of exams but the online process ensured that results are declared within stipulated time”.

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