Governor Bandaru Dattatraya presides over seminar on Nationalism Building Modern India

Shimla: Governor Bandaru Dattatraya said that dedication towards nation was nationalism and this spirit keeps the citizens of any country united, he said this while presiding over the seminar on “Nationalism Building Modern India” organized by Maharishi Panini Vichar Manch at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla today.

Dattatraya said that nationality was our identity but, this feeling should be strengthened because nationalism inspires the citizens of the country to leave their narrow thinking on the basis of cast, creed, region, language etc. and stand in the national interest. He said that we need to maintain this unwavering spirit of nationalism, because the power of nationalism helps us to fight against disruptive forces. Therefore, the younger generation should be taught about our glorious history and great men, he added.

“We are moving in the direction of modern India. But, we have to move forward with the idea of educated India, strong India, healthy India, corruption-free India, terrorism-free, unemployed-free and scientific India. Only then can we imagine one Bharat Shrestha Bharat”, said Shri Dattatraya.

Shri Shriniwas Murti, Founder, Yog Bharti said that to understand Indian tradition means to understand Indian nationality, and Yoga has been a part of our lifestyle and culture. He added that Himachal is a land of God in true sense, where there is no show off and pretense and people are very hard working. On this occasion, he also highlighted the importance of yoga.

Prof. Sikander Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of HP University welcomed the Governor on the occasion and briefed about the achievement of the university.

Shri Pradeep Kumar Satpal, retired Inspector General of Police also spoke on the occasion.

Later, on the way to Chandigarh, Governor met with Shri Subramaniam Swami, MP, Rajya Sabha at Annandale Shimla.