Governor of Punjab advocates and applauds the development of early childhood education in the country at NIES

Chandigarh : The second day of the New India Education Summit (NIES) saw renowned educators, institutions and innovators talk and discuss the goal of ‘Education 2030’ through ‘strengthening framework and building infrastructure’ at Hyatt Regency in Chandigarh.

His Excellency V.P. Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and Administrator for the Union Territory of Chandigarh, in his keynote address touched upon topics of teacher training, technology in education and the scope of learning regional languages in school. He also focused on the essentials of early childhood education which lays the foundation for the future of children. He said, “It is heartening to note that early childhood education is getting its due recognition and gaining importance today. I appreciate the efforts of the Early Childhood Association of India in making this happen.”

The governor also drew attention to various relevant, questions on the state of education-such as the importance of childhood education and it’s access, getting schools AI-ready to embrace technology and the importance of being creative & innovation ready.

Additionally, the event saw unveiling of the ScooNews November Issue and the Early Ed Asia 2020. The Early Childhood association launched the APER- Association for Primary Education & Research. The launch was received with much appreciation and attendees abuzz with anticipation on value add to evolve and cater to the present and future educational scenario in the country.

A notable mention was that of Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President of the Podar Education Network and President of the Early Childhood Association India. The goal of ‘Education 2030’ requires a suitable foundation, and she talked about ‘investing’ in ‘early childhood education’ and the capacity of ‘returns’. It also exemplified why early childhood education is an important factor for future learning and education.

Ravi Santlani, Founder & CEO of ScooNews, in his thank you note, said, “Education is a tool to empower all stakeholders with relevant knowledge and skills for Education 2030 to meet the sustainable development goal 4 (SDG4). This event is a targeted attempt at bringing together top thinkers, scholars, administrators from the education sector, to discuss and lay the foundation for the next global knowledge journey that our country will take.”

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