Governor Smt. Anandi Ben Patel addresses webinar on teachers’ role in the implementation of National Education Policy

Bhopal : Governor Smt. Anandi Ben Patel has said that the National Education Policy is an effort to ensure unconventional quality of education to make the future of present and coming generations bright and secure. She said that the basis of a strong nation is quality education. Teachers are the basis of quality education. Learning centres will have to be transformed from information centres to transformation centres for the successful implementation of education policy. Smt. Patel was addressing a webinar organized by Vidyabharati Madhya Bharat from Lucknow Raj Bhavan today on the role of teachers in the implementation of National Education Policy.

Governor Smt. Patel said that primary education is the foundation of personality development. Referring to the epic Mahabharata, she said that the child begins learning in the womb. This is being worked upon in foreign countries. Our country is forgetting this. It is important to stress on the empowerment of prospective and expectant mothers. She said that focus is on what to think, in the prevailing education system. The new policy emphasizes on how to think. Through a children’s story, she told that my grandmother has made me drink the juice of the pomegranate brought by my grandfather. This is the secret of my strength. Questions like who brought the fruit, who took out the juice etc. From this story are included in the prevailing education system. Whereas, through this story, teachers can give the message of family values, love, environment conservation and health. My grandparents have taken care of me since childhood through this story. They are honourable. Fruit is important for health. Importance of trees for fruit and environment for trees can be explained. The toys with which children play also show us their interests. It should also be noted. Smt. Patel said that children should be taught the values of respect and dignity of labour. The youth should be explained and shown how hard working families work tirelessly for their general needs. She said that all members of the academic world should think about where this evil of discrimination came from in a culturally rich country like India. How did we started discriminating between high and low and nurtured this inferiority complex towards the hard-working labourers? She said that in order to encourage deep and innovative thinking among the youth, the teacher has to promote curiosity and innovative thinking among the students. Adequate space will have to be given for this in teaching methods. Be it in the nursery or in college, when a student will study in a scientific manner, in accordance with the rapidly changing needs and time, then only he will be able to play a positive role in nation building. She spoke about reduciing lengthy courses and compulsion for use of many books. Methods of learning based on testing, research and analysis should be enhanced so as to enable every student to try his best to fulfill his passion. This will enable him to pursue any degree or course as per his tohis convenience and requirement. And if he feels like it, he can even forego it. This will increase the urge to learn in children. Their participation in class will also increase.

She said that teachers have got the facility to mould students according to their nature and tendency in the National Education Policy for self-reliance. The resolve to build a Atmanirbhar Bharat can be fulfilled by incorporating the qualities of enthusiasm, discipline and experience among the students during their period of education. She called upon the teachers to create a new work culture for the successful implementation of the education policy by collaborating with the students with an open ideology,establish in institutions, the beliefs of innovation and adaptation that we want to build in society. She said that modern technology has enabled us to reach the students standing at the end of the society very fast, very well, at very little cost. It is important that teachers make maximum use of modern technology.

Governor Smt. Patel said that Vidya Bharati has become the largest organization working in the field of education. She said that the new education policy is the opportunity for nation building, future of children and to repay the debt of the motherland. To create a Sarva Samarth Bharat, teachers should be encouraged for creative talent and students for committed life.

On this occasion, All India General Secretary of Vidya Bharati Shri Ram Arovkar, also addressed the programme. Director State Head Vidya Bharati Shri Ram Kumar Bhavsar conducted the programme. Pujyaswami Girishanandji Maharaj, All India Convenor Vidya Bharati Jabalpur Sushri Rekha Ben, Regional Head Vidya Bharati Shri Shiromani Dubey, State Organization Secretary Vidya Bharati Shri Hitanand Sharma were also present in the programme.