Govt. of Haryana joins hands with Youth4work to help millions of students showcase their skills and get Jobs

New Delhi: Government of Haryana, Higher Education department & Youth4work have entered into a collaboration to facilitate Skill Profiling of All higher Education students in Haryana with Youth4work & help them get Jobs and Internship Opportunities. Currently over 2 Lac students are passing each year gaining technical education in Haryana. This Tie-up helps and ensures all these students to use the new age technology and digital medium to give a free skill tests and showcase their skill profiles online. Youth4work platform will enable assessments, online learning Internships & employment opportunities to these students.
All Higher education institutes in Haryana with every student studying in 1st year to final year will benefit a lot from this collaboration.
In the Event organized by Department Technical of Higher Education in Government Polytechnic Manesar, Gurugram. The Honorable CM Shri Manohar Lal stressed on the demand and supply of talent being present in Industry and Institutes, but there is a need to find innovative solutions to match and improve them.
Youth4work is one such initiative taken up and tied-up, announced today which uses Online tests like Machine Learning and AI technology to create skill profiles of millions of people and help them improve and showcase their skills. Having 30 Lac youth tested and profiled across India and the globe, Youth4work boasts of being the fastest growing Skill platform in India and impacting millions of lives.
Rachit Jain, CEO of Youth4work says, “Being an engineer myself, I strongly believe that there is no dearth of skills in Indian institutes. The challenge for every student in India is to identify his/her own talent and showcase it in front of the world. We are excited and enthralled by the support and initiative taken by Haryana Government towards technology adoption & helping youth across India, and we see ourselves helping many more states and profiling 1Crore youth in India, in next 18 months.”
With government initiatives like Haryana Skill Development Mission, Digital India, and Startup India, Make in India the focus & challenge of providing much needed jobs to the 30 Crore youth in India is Large and probably the most critical and difficult for Government of India and Mr. Modi himself. Such measure is used for technology which works as an assistance.