Govt has built strong, clean economic base for growth: Bhupender Yadav

New Delhi: Mr Bhupender Yadav, BJP MP and Chair, FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians, today said that the Modi government has established a strong and clean economic base to achieve a $5 trillion economy.

Speaking at FICCI’s 92nd Annual Convention on the theme ‘India: Roadmap to a $5 Trillion Economy’, Mr Yadav said that the regulatory system in the country has been made fair, transparent and does its job within a stipulated time period.

“Our emerging middle class, demographic profile, country’s democratic system and our market-oriented economy are our major specialities,” he said as the opening remarks in a panel discussion among five Members of Parliament.

“The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government through infrastructural reforms has taken the country forward and built a strong economic system which will take the country to a $5 trillion economy,” he said.

Professor Rajeev Gowda, Congress MP, however, said that the government has done little to reverse the slowdown which he termed as ‘Modi Slump’. The GDP is being consistently revised downward and people are falling into poverty, he said.

Mr Raju Bista, BJP MP, said that the country has been facing several challenges for many years including the huge pile up of non-performing assets that was initially buried but had to surface someday, which the current government is cleaning.

Mr Saptagiri Sankar Ulaka, Congress MP, said that the country is facing growing unemployment and said that there are hardly any meaningful debates in Parliament on burning issues like job crisis, slowing economy and growing inflation.

Ms Roopa Ganguly, BJP MP, said that people should not waste time in criticising others as nobody alone can take the economy to $5 trillion level and support has to come from every corner. Ups and downs in the economy is quite natural, she said.

Mahant Balaknath, BJP MP, said that all sections of the society should join hands to take the country forward and take pride in the fact that India has given a lot on the knowledge front to the world. India should now make products that are required by the world, he added.