Gradeup launches Rankup JEE course to aid JEE aspirants to boost scores

New Delhi: Gradeup, India’s largest preparation platform for competitive exams, has launched Rankup JEE: A 70-Day Score Booster course. It is a comprehensive course designed to improve the performance of students in JEE Main April exam. It is commonly known that this year students get two attempts at JEE, in January and again in April, and the better score of the two is recorded as the final one. Gradeup has created a course that focuses on intensive preparation over the 70-day interval between the 2 attempts, thereby improving scores and boosting the final rank attained by aspirants.

The integrated course created by Gradeup offers collaborative preparation, wherein students learn from their experiences in January and score better in April. Based on engagement and personalised learning, the programme focuses on activities like live courses, mock tests, previous years’ papers and open discussions which cover all the concepts in an interesting, easy-to-retain manner. The course has been designed by industry veterans from Kota and Delhi who have extensive experience in coaching JEE aspirants and helping them attain desired results. According to Gradeup, this course can boost a student’s overall result by 50-70 marks.

Speaking on the new course, Mr. Shobhit Bhatnagar, Co-founder, Gradeup said, “We are excited to roll out this dedicated course for JEE aspirants looking to get a higher rank in their second attempt. This is a course that can benefit thousands of students and help them accelerate the growth trajectory of their career through a higher rank. The JEE Main is a challenging exam and each moment of preparation is crucial. Within this course we will chart out every day and every hour of preparation time, and allow students to efficiently streamline these 70 days that can change their lives.”

Rankup JEE is a part of Gradeup’s new ‘Classroom’ category through which it offers comprehensive classroom style preparation courses. Through this approach, it offers a highly comprehensive learning experience to aspirants. The method encompasses preparation through interactive live videos that are conducted by expert teachers with years of experience. It also includes especially designed day-wise study plans that include quizzes, mock tests and more. This method simplifies preparation and facilitates easy resolution of doubts.

Since its inception, Gradeup, through its unique teaching methods and numerous favorable outcomes, has already engaged more than 1.3 crore aspirants from over 2500 cities across the country. Students can enrol for 70 days to boost their score here.