Graduates of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education were awarded diplomas

This year 31 full-time students and 18 part-time students received bachelor’s degrees in the direction of “Pedagogical education” in the profiles “Primary education” and “Primary education and foreign (English) language”.
Three full-time students were awarded honors diplomas: Elena Pimenova, Nadezhda Zinkina and Sofya Kolotushkina.

The release of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education (TIME) in 2021 is also notable for the fact that for the first time among the graduates of the department, foreign students from the People’s Republic of China: Lu Xinyue, Su Yun, Xue Ruimin, Tu An, Wu Jiaqi, Zhu Mingzhou (243 group, curator I.V. Komarova). All have successfully completed their studies and defended their final qualification works.

In her parting words, the director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Rimma Evgenievna Ermolenko noted that this year is a jubilee for pedagogical education in the Republic of Karelia and wished the graduates success in their future professional path.

Good luck and happiness, including personal, female, the curator of the 251st group, Tatyana Ivanovna Dmitruk, Ph.D., associate professor, wished the girls.

The head of the department, Svetlana Iosifovna Smirnova, invited the graduates to continue their education at Petrozavodsk State University on Master’s programs, and also noted that the schools of the Republic of Karelia are waiting for young specialists.

About a third of graduates have already been interviewed and decided on employment, many are waiting for confirmation from the school management. Now teachers of primary education are in demand on the labor market in Karelia, therefore, I think that all our graduates of this year will find jobs in educational organizations and / or continue their education,
said S.I. Smirnov.

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