Graduating students return to Peking University in batches

Peking: Starting from June 6, graduating students will return to Peking University from different parts of the country in four batches.

Since May, after the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policy in Beijing, Peking University has been preparing for the return of senior students and has formed 10 special working groups.

Peking University administration attaches paramount significance to its preparation work, with a number of young faculty and staff setting a good example. Twelve counselors and head teachers were volunteering in Hubei province, providing hands-on and warm-hearted support for PKU students who were about to return. Teachers, staff and students who remained on the Peking University campus carefully prepared various items, including a handbook titled The Guidelines for Returning Students, masks, hand sanitizers, PKU baggage tags and health kits, and created a warm-hearted atmosphere around campus to welcome the students. In addition, each school and department presented these students a letter written by teachers, expressing deepest concern and love.

Xiong Yufei is a student from the School of Basic Medical Sciences who has taken part in the effort of epidemic prevention and control. “During the epidemic, more than 42,000 medical workers rushed to Hubei, among whom more than 12,000 were born in the 1990s. Looking at them, I see the courageous and benevolent heart of the young generations, and truly realize the responsibilities and missions of medical students,” said Xiong. “Therefore, I’ve made up my mind to continue my postgraduate study in pathophysiology, hoping to contribute to the advancements of medical research in China.”

Deng Qimin, who lives in Wuhan, has just finished the last day of volunteer service. During the epidemic, Deng, along with more than 30 volunteers, took turns to help the elderly in the community buy daily necessities. “I no longer need to help neighbors buy vegetables now, but I still offer help to senior citizens in the community through WeChat Mini Program. I will continue this undertaking after returning to school,” said Deng.

Cao Baicheng, a graduating student of the Guanghua School of Management, chooses to be a community official back in his hometown instead of looking for a well-paid job in the financial sector. When asked about his career choice, he explained, “I really felt a sense of security during the epidemic, which stems from the confidence in our country and the respect for the front-line fighters against the virus.” He quoted a few sentences from the report on Zhang Dingyu, director of Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, which describes him as a man who lets people see the strength of ordinary heroes and that there are sincere patriots among ordinary people who always lead the nation through all the hardships. Inspired by this spirit, Cao is motivated to go back to his hometown in Hubei to protect and serve people at the community level.

During the epidemic, teachers and students from Peking University never stopped working, studying and researching. As the epidemic has been brought under control in China, students all over the country are gradually returning to school. This period of time will become an unforgettable and collective memory forever in the minds of the Class of 2020.