Graduation of a group of students of the advanced training program

At the Faculty of Advanced Studies and Professional Retraining of PetrSU online training of students on the additional professional advanced training program “Preparation of a Scientific Text for Publication in English” has been completed.
The program was implemented online on the ZOOM platform. The group of listeners consisted of teachers from the Medical Institute, the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU, the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU, the Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU. The training sessions were conducted by Oksana Leonidovna Dobrynina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Natural and Technical Directions and Specialties of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU. The moderator of the educational process was Olga Vladimirovna Popova, specialist of the faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of PetrSU.

The program was aimed at increasing the level of proficiency in academic English, developing the skills of preparing scientific texts in English, as well as assisting students in preparing articles for publication in foreign peer-reviewed journals, which should contribute to the development of the publication activity of PetrSU teachers.

The listeners noted the relevant and effective online training format, since the educational material is well perceived, there is an opportunity to look at everything in the recording again, the principle of individual work is preserved – you can work on your mistakes, ask questions. Students received useful information about the methodology for preparing scientific articles in English, about the style of presenting scientific material. The lessons made it possible to fill in the gaps in the knowledge of the English language, to gain knowledge about the structural components of a scientific article in English, to learn how to correctly structure the text within individual paragraphs, to use language phrases and templates that are used in scientific texts. The listeners expanded the arsenal of phrases and grammatical structures for academic writing, the texts became logically organized, structured and easy to read. The main learning outcomes of the courses were the writing of 4 articles, 18 annotations and fragments of scientific texts. All students successfully passed the final certification.

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