Grand Maratha Foundation commemorates World Soil Day with an awareness drive for farmers

Mumbai : Grand Maratha Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Maharashtra recently organized an Organic and Alternate Farming Awareness Drive in Chaugaon, in the district of Dhule, Maharashtra in collaboration with KrishiVigyan Kendra – Dhule to mark World Soil Day on 5th December 2021. The purpose of the drive was to spread awareness on organic and alternate farming methods to maintain soil health and improve fertility. The organizers also emphasized the disadvantages and risks of chemical farming and its adverse effects on soil, and the importance of fund management to transform farming patterns and improve the livelihood of farmers.


The event saw well-known scientists from KrishiVigyan Kendra namely- DrDinesh R Nandre, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Dhule, Dr. Pankaj P. Patil, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS)- Plant Protection, KVK, Dhule, Dr. DhanrajMadhukarChoudhari, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS)- AHDS, KVK, Dhule and Dr. AtishAjit Patil, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS)- SSAC, KVK, Dhule. The purpose was to empower farmers with vital information on the latest Government policies, schemes and subsidiaries and identify the right market price for their farm produce.


As a part of the drive and to offer support to the farming families, GMF also donated 15 sewing machines, 7 livestock goats and 200 bio-fertilizer kits to all those present at the event under the guidance of MsMadhavi Shelatkar, Trustee, Grand Maratha Foundation and Mr Rohit Shelatkar, Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation.


Speaking on the awareness drive, Rohit Shelatkar, Film Producer & Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation said,“The recent announcement of withdrawing the farmer laws is a welcome decision by the Government of India. It is this decision that prompted us to organise an awareness drive that would benefit our farmer community and their families. These farmers often face daunting challenges and come under huge debts which result in unfavourable circumstances. That is why we collaborated with KrishiVigyan Kendra, Dhule, who would educate and empower these farmers and help them learn the best methods to cultivate their produce.”


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