Great Learning launches 3 new Certification Programs


Great Learning is an ed-tech company that offers numerous programs in career-critical competencies. These include courses in data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, full stack development, DevOps, and many more. These are programs and certifications that are pursued by thousands of professionals all over the world for building their competencies in new emerging fields in order to grow their careers further.

Great Learning is a company that focuses on creating industry-relevant certification programs and learning experiences that not only help the candidates learn, but also apply and demonstrate these capabilities in fields that are all set to drive the future.

More recently, Great Learning has introduced three new certification courses that are in high demand these days. Business Analytics, Deep Learning and Cloud Computing online course are certification programs that have been introduced to add to the diverse portfolio of certifications available with Great Learning.

Cloud Computing Certification Courses

Cloud computing as a service has great scope in today’s world owing to the numerous advantages it offers. The many benefits that companies get via cloud computing include lowered costs for businesses and individuals, as they don’t have to invest in infrastructure or software for deploying these services in-house. Plus, as a service, the scope of cloud computing can be scaled according to a company’s requirements at the time, further reducing costs of idle resources.

With so many advantages, certifications and online training in cloud computing can only be beneficial to professionals. With cloud computing courses from Great Learning, students will have access to more than 40+ hours of expert instructional content as well as more than 150 hours of overall learning online. Apart from this, students will also get the benefits of personalized mentorship from cloud professionals who are already working with leading companies. Students will also be able to acquire in-demand cloud skills. For that, they will be working on 6 labs and 2 full projects that will be conducted under the guidance of experienced mentors.

The Online Deep Learning Course

Deep Learning is a part of machine learning that takes it a step further. Deep learning, in fact, forms quite a prominent field in the domain of artificial intelligence. The Deep Learning course and all it entails has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and is especially well-known for the breakthroughs it has had in various fields like gameplay and computer vision.

When students join the online Deep Learning course offered by Great Learning, they get access to world class faculty who have been integral in the development and adoption of deep learning, and has spent years in honing their craft in various industries. Other benefits that the students will be able to avail include taking part in guided hands-on projects to build their abilities and making functional models through various industry-relevant projects, structured learning, as well as labs with GPU access.

The Online Business Analytics Course

Business analytics as a course of study has held a lot of importance in recent times. While it is relatively new as a certification programme, the basics of business analytics have been around for a long time. For example, when Henry Ford measured the time that it took for each component to be made on his factory’s assembly lines, it was a form of practicing business analytics. Today, business analytics is used in almost all major companies in the world, particularly with tech start-ups, which are keen to exploit data-driven advantages that can help them enter mass markets. So, there are several career opportunities available in the field, including positions in larger businesses that have in-house business analysts working for them, as well as in companies that offer consultancy services regarding business analysis.

From a personalized learning approach to career development sessions that can go a long way in helping the candidates identify their strengths, Great Learning offers a comprehensive study module for various certification programs. To augment the study experience, Great Learning offers all-inclusive online lessons that seek to cover the certification course in its entirety, along with personal mentoring sessions with professionals over the weekend. The company also offers relevant project opportunities where students can gain hands-on industry experience, helping ensure holistic overall learning.

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