Green Building in the Arctic Project

Project KO 1089 Green Arctic Building became the project of the month (March 2021) of the Kolarctic program.
One of the main areas of the project is to improve the resilience of urban areas and buildings in the High North.

Model houses have more than 250 sensors that measure humidity and temperature.

Large-scale construction, design, launch of model objects is behind, but the most interesting is yet to come. Now the project team is studying many things: the quality of the urban environment indoors and outdoors, efficient energy systems, modern construction technologies, and performs thermal imaging of buildings using UAVs. Researchers are conducting a comparative analysis of “green” standards and regulations in the construction sector in Russia and the Nordic countries. The result of this work will be a set of guidelines for Arctic construction.

In the future, the model sites will become laboratories for research in the field of sustainable and energy efficient building technologies, as well as a territory for workshops, seminars and meetings with the possibility of demonstrating the implementation of new “green” solutions.