GreenMDC and DPCs of Karelia signed a partnership agreement

Until 2025, a strategically important project for this northern region will be completed in the Republic of Karelia to create a network of data centers, in which the St. Petersburg manufacturer of modular data centers, GreenMDC, plans to take part.
Within the framework of the investment project of the spin-off company of Petrozavodsk State University LLC “DPCs of Karelia” in Karelia until 2025 it is planned to build a distributed network of data centers, which, according to preliminary estimates, will take from 10% to 15% of the Russian cloud services market. In this regard, at the end of 2020, DPCs of Karelia entered into an agreement with the manufacturer of modular data centers GreenMDC, within the framework of which the parties agreed to jointly implement projects based on GreenMDC technological solutions.

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