Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India wins Grand Challenges – Karnataka


Chennai: Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd., an IIT Madras incubated company, has recently won the ‘Grand Challenges – Karnataka’ for their product- Real Time Monitoring & Troubleshooting system for Water & Wastewater Management.

The Real Time Monitoring [RTM] system is part of Operation & Maintenance of fresh & recycled water treatment plants through which the customers achieve assured ROI & life cycle support on their water utilities investments. RTM is an IoT based solution that communicates data in the form of efficiency metrics of water & wastewater treatment plants and gives alerts/insights to the plant manager to take timely action–or act before issue arises.

Grand Challenges is a joint initiative by Karnataka State Biotechnology and Information Technology departments and IKP Knowledge Park under the newly launched Start-up Policy of the government, to scout for new technologies or innovations that can offer solutions to some of the longstanding issues pertaining to the state of Karnataka. From among 24 participants, Greenvironment was one of the 3 companies selected to “build a Real Time Quality & Quantity Monitoring System for Water & Sewage Management in the city of Bengaluru”.

Starting from May 2017 the RTM system is being tested and proved in different sites of Sewage discharge and will continue for 6 months. Greenvironment has received a grant-in-aid of Rs 10 lakh for the pilot study. The first RTM system has been installed for a 7 lakh litres/day capacity sewage treatment plant at Purva Riviera, Marathahalli, Bengaluru. By July, the RTM systems will be installed at 3 additional sites in Bengaluru city.

Speaking about the innovation, Mr. Varun Sridharan, Director and Founder, Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd. said, “If we manage our sewage/effluent treatment plants efficiently and discharge the treated water, we will be able to see sufficient clean water in our water bodies throughout the year, Greenvironment’s smart technology capabilities can make people aware of the benefits and importance of recycling and reuse of wastewater”.

About Real Time Monitoring [RTM]: Small scale decentralised wastewater treatment systems especially for residential, commercial buildings and industries show a large fluctuation in their influent water quality loading and, therefore, they require an efficient operation for treatment of organic matter, solids other impurities. However, the requirements to lower running costs, most of the treatment systems are being forced to operate with a minimum number of unskilled operators. It is too costly for customers to employ a local expert to maintain plant properly. We have recognised these problems and developed real-time monitoring systems for any existing or new treatment plants. This system has been developed to give local operators a guideline that would allow them to arrive at an optimal strategy in the early stage of a process disturbance. The solution serves as a key information needed for efficient operation, and help to transfer knowledge from the experts at a remote control centre to local operators in real-time.