GreyCampus Launches OdinSchool, A Subsidiary that Helps People SpringBoard Their Careers in 6 Months under Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) Model

Hyderabad : The global online certification training provider GreyCampus launches OdinSchool in a bid to help students launch, transform, and propel their careers. Core to the initiative are two six-month long career programs in Data Science and Web Development intended to help students sharpen their skills and explore potential new careers. These job-aligned programs come with live online classes, mentorship from industry experts, and career services. The unique Income Share Agreement (ISA) model is the most remarkable feature of these programs that helps students gain footing in the face of unprecedented financial insecurity. Under the ISA model, students can defer their tuition fee payments till they are placed and earn at least ₹ 5 LPA. Upon successful placement, students will be required to share 15% of their salary for upto 3 years, subject to a maximum total fee of ₹1,20,000.

“Now, more than ever, GreyCampus is committed to helping students add new competencies to their professional toolbox. OdinSchool will cater to this purpose with career programs that focus on refining job skills and helping students successfully enter the workforce, particularly in Data Science and Web Development. We are equally delighted to launch the Income Share Agreement (ISA) for the OdinSchool career programs. The ISA model allows students to just pay registration fee upfront while the entire tuition fee is deferred to post placement. The repayment will be in the form of sharing a percentage of their salary with OdinSchool once they are placed and start earning at least ₹5LPA. This is our investment in our students and takes the financial burden off them during these unprecedented times.” said Vijay Pasupulati, CEO and Co-founder of GreyCampus.

Committed to creating bold futures and offering career-boosting educational opportunities, OdinSchool career programs also offer resume building assistance, effective interview prep, and 1:1 mentorship. Backed by industry veterans, team OdinSchool is positive that their industry-relevant, rigorous online training programs can help aspiring candidates springboard their careers in six months.