Griffith University: Griffith research excellence recognised nationally

Griffith University’s research excellence has once again been recognised nationally taking out the top institution nationally in 10 fields of research with 10 researchers recognised as leaders in their field in The Australian’s 2021 research supplement.

The leading Australian institution in a field is found by the number of citations over the past five years given to papers published by researchers affiliated with that institution in the top 20 journals in that field.

Griffith is the top Research Institution in the following fields:

Technology and Law
Natural Medicines and Medicinal Plants
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Early Childhood Education
Microelectrics and Electronic Packaging
Social Work
Tourism and Hospitality
Criminology, Criminal Law & Policing
Leading researchers in their field

Professor Nam-Trung Nguyen – Analytical Chemistry

Professor Anthony Carroll – Medicinal Chemistry – Natural Medicines and Plants

Professor Dong-Sheng Jeng – Ocean & Marine Engineering

Associate Professor Marleen Westerveld – Child and Adolescent Psychology

Emeritus Professor Debra Creedy – Pregnancy and Childbirth

Associate Professor Peter Nash – Rheumatology

Professor Jacqueline Ewart – Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

Professor Kristina Murphy – Diplomacy & International Relations

Dr Michelle Neumann – Early Childhood Education

Associate Professor Sarah Prestridge – Teaching & Teacher Education

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