Griffith University: Intelligait walks into a win at industry awards

A team of Griffith Information and Communications Technology students have won first prize at the Opmantek Industry Awards for their work creating an app to assess the way you walk.

The awards recognise industry collaboration, with each nominated project working with real clients. In this case, the student app Intelligait was developed for Next Eight Pty Ltd massage and physiotherapy clinic Director Masakazu Ashida.

The Intelligait project team were asked to make an app that could be used on just about any device to analyze a human’s gait and see whether there were any anomalies.

“We wanted to make it accessible to anyone who needed it and not just physios or doctors,” team project manager Tandi Coxen said.

“We also wanted to make it as easy to deal with as possible, with no specialised set-up area or equipment.

“As long as you had a mobile device and a place to walk, you are good to go.

“The client is going to use it in his physiotherapy clinic. He wanted to be able to show his clients how their gait improves following treatment, with some data to show that improvement.”

The team of five was awarded $2,500 for their win.

The judging panel included Opmantek President and Chairman Danny Maher and Chief Technology Officer Keith Sinclair, Gold Coast Innovation Hub CEO Sharon Hunneybell, Australia Computer Society Queensland Branch Executive Committee Member Michael Driver, and Griffith’s School of Information and Communication Technology Head Professor Paulo de Souza.

Mr Sinclair said he was really impressed with the Intelligait app.

Professor Paulo de Souza said the app had potential for use.

“I can already see other applications for this app, for example in security and police work,” Professor de Souza said.

Mr Maher commended the student team on their approach and the way they used mathematics.

“We think it’s going to be very useable for your client to provide data to their customers,” he said.

“Overall, we’re very impressed with all the projects, in particular, what we heard from the teams about how they were engaging with their clients. I congratulate all the groups on the approaches they’ve taken.”

The Opmantek Industry Awards are hosted by Griffith, in collaboration with Opmantek.

Opmantek is a multi-award-winning software company operating in the field of intelligent network management and IT audit software.