Griffith University’s School of Education and Professional Studies hosts TIDE Summit

Griffith University’s School of Education and Professional Studies is proudly hosting the 8th annual Creating Futures Summit Series, inviting participants to have conversations that matter to teaching and teacher education.

The dynamic summit this year brings together leading experts, educators, and professionals from around the world to empower educators for transformation in the field of indigenous education practices.

Co-host Dr Candace Kruger said the summit aims to create a collaborative space where participants can engage in thoughtful discussions, share ideas and develop actionable plans to reconceptualise and transform Indigenous Education In Practice.

“If we can bring first-hand experience to the table and assist our teachers to speak about the experiences they have, we might be able to encourage others to build authentic relationships with their local Indigenous communities and their students,” Dr Kruger said.

“Every teacher has had a moment where they were paralysed by fear of saying the wrong thing to their students and really what this conference is about – not being afraid of dipping your toes into the water and keeping them there until you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable and moving forward.”

Professor Donna Pendergast
Summit series originator, Professor Donna Pendergast.
Summit series originator, Professor Donna Pendergast, highlights the timeliness of the topic in 2023.

“This year will be a significant one for Australia and for the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people,” Professor Pendergast said.

More than 500 participants will be engaged in a fast-moving event, with 19 six-minute provocations and four 10-minute panel discussions with leading educators and thought leaders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.

The panel discussions will provide a platform for thought-provoking conversations on key industry challenges and opportunities, with experts from diverse backgrounds offering their perspectives on working together, forward-thinking sharing practice, realising the vision, and organisational resilience.

Delegates are encouraged to bring their smartphones or preferred devices and will be led through a journey of idea generation and voting to create a shared, futures-oriented set of outcomes using interactive summit tools.

Keynote speakers and panellists will include renowned scholars, industry leaders and practitioners who have made significant contributions to the field, sharing their expertise and insights on topics such as:

Culturally Responsive Teacher Pedagogies
Dreaming BIG and imagining the WHAT IF
Moving across the Intercultural development continuum
Empowering voices and decolonising narratives
Participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies that can be implemented in their respective fields, with opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, forge new collaborations and gain inspiration from thought leaders who are at the forefront of professional learning. They will be challenged to step outside their comfort area.

The summit is open to educators, professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in indigenous knowledge and learning related to teachers and teacher education.