Grundfos India Endorses ‘Partnership for Sustainable Water Solutions’

New Delhi: Grundfos India, one of the leading pump manufacturers in India, is actively promoting the need of developing sustainable water solutions by partnering with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for 12th Sustainability Summit. To emphasize the need of sustainable water solutions, Grundfos India is sponsoring the session, ‘Partnership for Sustainable Water Solutions’, which is happening on September 6th and 7th, 2017 at New Delhi. The panel will be sharing thoughts on SDG 6, Government-Corporate partnerships for increasing water sustainability, short-term supply side measures to overcome water stress etc. The platform will also have Ranganath N K, Managing Director – Grundfos India, who will be the moderator of the session.

Growing pressure of population, urbanization and climate change are all putting a lot of stress on the availability and management of water. The time has come to forge partnerships to ensure the adoption and implementation of sustainable water solutions. There needs to be a stronger partnership between Governments, private companies and local communities to address this issue.

With its strong commitment towards water conservation and sustainability, Grundfos takes many efforts to address the present water scenario in the country. The company has partnerships with various companies and NGOs across the country and the globe to provide clean drinking water access to everyone. This is closely aligned with UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals 6 (SDG 6) as well. Grundfos Lifelink (GLL) is one such initiative that is designed to strengthen the quality, reliability and sustainability of drinking water supply in the developing world. Through multiple partnerships, GLL helps water service providers to deliver reliable water supply to all citizens with the help of innovative technologies.

Commenting on the occasion, Ranganath N K, Managing Director – Grundfos India, said, “As India is facing a national water crisis, be it a lack of it or too much of it as in the case of floods, our commitment is to be part of the solution. We develop water solutions and set the standard in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. We at Grundfos realize that the key is to be engaged and to stay engaged, as people and as a company. Sustainability is a process and a mindset, not a goal and change must take place on an individual, community, corporate and a national level”.