Guide To Buy Phone Charms In India

Phone charms India are just magic, and congratulations you have just stumbled into this rabbit hole. Now you are about to discover something truly incredible for your phone.

We all have our way of expressing ourselves in a variety of ways. Whether we do it through music, art or any other ways that exist

But one thing is for sure whatever way you decide to choose, the best gift is to express yourself fully. This is something that we can give to the people around us.

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Phone Charms Brief

Cell phone charms can be described as small items. It has a similar appearance to jewellery, like a charm bracelet. The only difference is that they are meant to adorn or decorate a cell phone. 

Although, they may vary in appearance and function some may be utilised as practical items while some charms are just meant to be a mere ornament. 

Comes in different designs and may even include items with celebrity images, animation and video game characters, miniaturized real-world items, and anything else that someone can imagine. 

To buy Cell phone charms or online mobile covers are specially made to target the younger audience. Using them to demonstrate their interest in a particular subject, movie, or pop-cultural phenomenon.

90s Trend Making Its ComeBack

According to Google search data, new research by mobile phone retailer Mozillion revealed that the interest in ‘phone charms’ had gone back up. Going up by 647% over the past year.

Searches have gone up by 1,258% for ‘phone straps’, another name that is used for phone charms.

The nineties and noughties saw the cell phone charm trend rising. Back when people around the world started adding charms to their phone cases. Now, according to New research data, as we can see the trend is coming back with a 647% rise in searches from 2020 to 2021. Frankly, now that’s something that piques our interest. 

Likewise, they are used as: 

  • phone straps
  • pendants
  • grips

Can be used for practical as well as decoration. They are a highly customisable piece of fashion, having their way of ensuring our phones while remaining intact and free from getting our screen smashed.

The trend has been spotted getting seeped into one of the popular cultures. Now, celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa have been posing with their eclectic beads dangling from their iPhones.

Put A Charm On A Phone 


  • Simple Charm Installation Method

You can make use of the “old-fashioned” method. Using a built-in charm hanger is the easiest way to put on a phone charm. But, you can also modify your phone if it’s without such a hanger.

To do that, you need to look for an indentation with a small bar. It will be inside, on the upper edge of the phone, that’s the place where charm typically belongs. When buying a charm you will typically find it with a small strap or loop attached to it. If you don’t get it then, try purchasing a cellphone strap, which is typically a narrow loop of sturdy cord at the end with a jump ring.

Now you need to open the jump ring, and then attach it to the loop of the charm. It’s the same way that you would add a key onto a key ring. Now, squeeze the strap or cord loop flat through the indentation with a push into the phone and out the other side. Now you just need to pull the charm through the loop tightly. Now, your loop is secured in the charm hanger around the bar and on the other end of the cord, the charm will dangle.


  • Through the Case Secure The Charms 

If your phone comes with no built-in hanger. You can also make use of the case to hold your charm into place. First, you need to remove the case and after that run through the hole in the case the strap loop that is designed for the headphone jack. Push it through the hole, from the other end of the loop the charm will be dangling, through the loop. Now, to tighten the charm gently tug the cord loop to secure the charm around the phone case. Now, you can put your phone case back onto your phone.

This method will only work if the charm’s cord is thin and flexible. If necessary you can also use dental floss or waxed thread.


  • Consider a Jack Jumper As a Phone Charm

Another way to secure your phone charm is by buying the plastic plug type that fits inside the headphone jack. This type of charm offers yet another way to use a phone charmer for a phone model that comes with no charm holder. This is the best if you are looking for an attachment method, that’s a really easy phone charm. But, buy this only if you’re willing to remove the charm plug every time you want to use the headphone jack. These plugs already come with cord loops attached. Also, making it easy to attach any charm due to their coming with a clasp. You just need to simply hang the charm in the clasp, and then press it into the headphones jack with the plug at the end.


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