Gujarat-based Educational Society plans Paramedical Sciences Institute in Greater Noida

NOIDA : The Sardar Patel Education Trust, a Gujarat based premier group of institutions, is looking to set up an Institute of Paramedical and & Science in the State of Uttar Pradesh. For this, it has identified Greater Noida, owing to its numerous advantages in terms of infrastructure, industry and connectivity.


India has a very low density of health workers per 10,000 population and the distribution of health workforce across the Indian states is highly skewed. The paramedical Institute will help bridge this gap by training the youth of UP as mid-level care providers, which was one of the main gaps in our healthcare system that came to the fore in the recent Covid surges when the hospitals were unable to cope with the surge of patients requiring critical care. A Public Health Foundation of India study in 2012 stated that India had a shortage of 8.5 lakh anaesthetists, 20.4 lakh dental staff, 1.27 lakh ophthalmologists and optometrists, 18 lakh rehabilitation specialists, 61,000 medical laboratory technicians, 19,000 radiographers, 7400 audiology and speech language specialists and 2.3 lakh medical technology workers.


“We are excited to bring to UP our Institute of Paramedical and Science that aims to create a sustainable talent pipeline of trained healthcare workforce. We have a very consistent record of placement for our students – over 95%, in fact was 99% in 2018-19, which shows the relevance and quality of the courses offered as also the industry readiness of our students.” says B. N Patel, Managing Trustee and Secretary of the Sardar Patel Education Trust.

The Sardar Patel Education Trust would like to set up its’ B. N. Patel Institute of Paramedical and & Science in the in Greater Noida, State of Uttar Pradesh. The 1st BN Patel Institute of Paramedical and Science (Paramedical Division) was established in the year 2010, in Anand, Gujarat. The main objective is to help in re-inventing healthcare education and to provide career opportunities in allied health to the youth of the State. The Sardar Patel Education Trust has identified a piece of land, currently occupied by a defunct society on which 2 institutes were located but had to be shut done as the accreditation was withdrawn by AKTU.


The piece of land, which was allotted by the Greater NOIDA Industrial Land Development Authority (GNIDA), to the now defunct by Jai Radha Raman Education Society has been lying unutilized for the past several years as the society has been taken over by some foreign nationals with China links, which was ruled as ultra-virus of the Indian laws by the Registrar of Societies (in its ruling dated 1.12.2016). The matter has been brought to the notice of the authorities, including GNIDA and the Government of Uttar Pradesh (the Education Ministry)


This land and the existing infrastructure, if allotted to Sardar Patel Education Trust, which has the track record and capabilities of running higher education institutions will help start the Institute in a matter of months, instead of years, enabling the youth of the State to benefit from quality education in an area where it is really required and where they will get ready jobs.