Gujarat CM announces some special relaxations and arrangements for farmers cultivating Ravi crop

Gandhinagar: Now farmers can harvest Ravi crop even in lockdown situation. Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has announced some relaxations and arrangements for farmers harvesting Ravi Crop.

Accordingly, this is the time for the Ravi crop farmers to harvest, so harvester, thresher, wrapper, equipment owner, driver, laborer etc. will be allowed to transit and go out for the purpose for crop harvesting.

In addition, the farmers are allowed to go to storage godowns to prevent loss of agricultural produce after harvest. The power supply for irrigation is provided on day and night consecutively. Thus, during the days when night power is available, the farmers of such limited farms will be allowed to go to the farm at night.

It has also been decided that the produce of the fruit and vegetable farmers will be allowed to take their produces to the market at a specified time