Gujarat Vijaybhai Rupani CM launches state-wide ‘Even I am a Corona Warrior’ campaign

With an aim to emerge Gujarat as a victorious against the deadly pandemic of ‘COVID-19’, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today through a video conference launched a state-wide campaign “Hu Pan Corona Warrior” (Even I am a Corona Warrior) with a mantra of ‘Jitse Gujarat – Harse Corona’ (Gujarat will win, Corona will lose).

The launching of the “Even I am a Corona Warrior” campaign was made through a simultaneous video conference attended by leaders of society, religious leaders, and noted citizens from 33 district headquarters of the state.

In his message, the Chief Minister clearly stated that the war against the pandemic of COVID-19 is going to last long therefore, we must develop a mind-set having specific, disciplinary rules for living a normal day-to-day life to protect ourselves against Corona. For this purpose, this campaign is going to be timely public-campaign, he added.

Mr. Rupani further stated that “In this campaign we have to rise above the self to take care of the family and society. We must live our life with a caution that it protect us and also protect others from the transmission of the Corona and cannot harm anyone else.”

The Chief Minister pointed out that at the commencement of the year 2020 nobody had expected happening of world-wide pandemic of Coronavirus. Today, every country of the world and every state of India has been affected by the Coronavirus. For prevention of its transmission, we have taken timely required measures, including ‘Lockdown’, as per emergence of the new situations.

He further added that the lockdown-4 has come with a newer version. In last two months the normal life was thrown out of gear. We are now bringing it back to normalcy by giving gradual relaxations for restoring economical activities, essential services and other activities. It doesn’t mean the threat of Corona has vanished, but, we have to restore our day-to-day activities with precautions and alertness to protect ourselves against it.

The Chief Minister also urged people to follow the three important pledges of ‘Even I am a Corona Warrior’ campaign: “I will not allow my elderly people and children to go out, I will surely wear mask and will not go out unnecessarily, and will always maintain social distancing.

Mr. Rupani further stated that in this campaign every ‘Corona Warrior’ should also take selfie with grandparents on Friday, May 22, Selfie with mask as security cover on Sunday, May 24 and also new experiments to download Arogya Setu App on May 29, and a hashtag on uploading on social media platforms with “Even I am a Corona Warrior”.

Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Secretary to Chief Minister, welcomed all with briefing that the entire campaign is being conducted under the inspiration and guidance of the Chief Minister. Director of Information Department Mr. Ashok Kalaria, Chief Minister’s OSD Mr. D. H. Shah had also joined the video conference.