Gulli AFRICA joins UNESCO on the “Keeping girls in the picture” campaign

Gulli, a member of the UNESCO Global Coalition for Education, is mobilizing its African antenna in the 25 French-speaking African countries where it is present to promote the rapid return to school of young students, especially girls.

Today, Gulli AFRICA is launching a short clip that is using simple words to convey the importance of girls’ education to the whole family. In the clip entitled “If I go to school”, a young girl explains how, if I go to school, I could learn, have a job, and help others.

The short clip is part of efforts to support the continuation of learning and the return of girls to school in the midst of the world’s biggest educational disruption caused by COVID-19: “Keeping girls in the picture“.

On air, Gulli AFRICA teams will address different topics related to schooling, and provide exclusive portraits of women who have been successful in different ways because of their education:

  • A special “Back to School” issue of Gulli MAG, the African weekly magazine of cultural and societal news, offers 7 new topics dedicated to education on Monday, 21 September. Yannis, the minireporter from Côte d’Ivoire will show how schools have prepared to welcome students safely but also how to stay in shape with the most famous coach in the country. In Yaoundé, Llona will introduce dressmakers who make useful and stylish masks. Also, Ivorian chateur Meiway will talk about the importance he places on his children’s education.
  • Throughout the week, Gulli AFRICA will meet women who, thanks to the school, make their dreams come true. Viewers will learn about Jocelyne Bosson, a physicist, who will explain why major studies are also for girls. Or the singer Indira who, despite her star status, continues to go to school!

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