Gullybaba launches 150 Help Books for the IGNOU Students

New Delhi- In the fast-paced evolving education scenario post Covid where students require easy to comprehend content, India’s leading publishing Company, Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., has launched 150 Help books for graduate and post graduate studies for this academic session to enable learners deliver optimum performance. These book are based on latest CBCS syllabus implemented by IGNOU covering Core Courses, Generic Electives Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, and Optional Courses.


These book are available in India and demanded by international students especially in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Singapore and Mauritius. These books are available at offline book stores and at Amazon, Flipkart and


All IGNOU help books released are of BAG, BA (Honours), BSCG, B.Sc. (Honours), BCOMG, MBA, M.Com, MA, MLIS, MTTM, BSWG, MCA, PGDCA, and a host of other programs.


“In the fast paced world of Internet, we have discovered that importance of books has still not lost its shine. Help Books are in high demand just before the exams, which has increased our online sales by 50%”, informed Dinesh Verma, Founder & CEO, GullyBaba Publishing House.


“We work out of empathy and a true understanding of the challenges and pain points of the IGNOU students. The scientifically-prepared study material helps the students of IGNOU prepare well to secure good marks in very short span of preparation time,” says Gullybaba Founder Dinesh Verma.


We are committed towards a sustainable environment, hence the pages of these books are made through recycled paper. Gullybaba has sold over 10 million books in 30 countries till now.


GPH Help Books range from Rs.200 – Rs.350 per book and are available at high discount on their own e-commerce website


Founder Gullybaba, Dinesh Verma informed that by the end of 2023, we will add another 200 books for the graduate and post graduate IGNOU courses


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