Gunjan Foundation will Support 200 Unprivilledged Children To Get Quality Education In FY 2022-23 Says Sushma Singhvi

New Delhi: As the new fiscal year, 2022-23 approaches soon, Gunjan Foundation, a Delhi NCR-based NGO has announced monetary assistance as scholarships worth more than a crore to support 200 young and underprivileged children to receive a quality education in Gurgaon based private schools associated with the foundation.

Sushma Singhvi, Founder – Gunjan Foundation said, “We are committed to providing quality education to unprivileged children. Though we are operating in Delhi NCR only, our real endeavor is to provide pan India support once we receive more community and administrative agreements, so that every poor child gets proper education as they should have in the first place.”

“Also, we are planning to support poor but meritorious students to receive higher education so that they can earn a respectable career out of it. I am feeling happy to share that Gunjan Foundation funded an MBA degree for a student from Delhi. He pursued it successfully and is currently invested in a big MNC. Similarly, as of now, we are providing monetary assistance for a girl from Jaipur pursuing a B.Tech and a boy doing Hotel Management from Bengaluru.” She added further.

Gunjan’s modest contribution to new India is to establish an educated, informed, and capable citizenry for national objectives. The foundation has already granted a scholarship program about four years back for students who join Shishu Kalyan High School, its own school for unprivileged children, from Class 6th to 12th after completing education till 5th grade in Swapna Sarthak School located in DLF Ph- 3, Gurgaon. As of now, the foundation has provided scholarships to about 81 alumni students in Shishu Kalyan High School, 3 in Summer Field School, and 1 in Ridge Valley School.

“Our goal is to provide a similar facilitating atmosphere for our students. We will continue to engage with the communities surrounding our Swapna Sarthak School to ensure that our children, especially girls, are in good hands, in addition, to securing financial means for the students to receive a world-class education. We are looking forward to start our Rajasthan chapter by adding 5 to 10 senior boys and girls from Jaipur and completely fund their higher education.” Sushma Singhvi ends.


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