Gurgaon based EdTech start-up GuruQ makes tutor selection safe and easy

New Delhi: Edtech platform GuruQ India has added several new features to its digital platform while upgrading the existing features to offer ease of convenience to students as well as tutors. GuruQ is India’s top digital platform connecting tutors and students that aims to address the need for a single, simplified and cohesive ed-tech platform that provides online and offline tutoring.
Key Highlights of GuruQ v 2.0

1. Five step vetting procedure for tutors

2. Customized Offline and Offline classes

3. Time Scheduler

4. Three options for finding the right tutor

5. Instant Class

A highlight of the digital platformis a five-step vetting procedure for tutors. The comprehensive procedure is a sure-shot way of ensuring that only the most qualified and safe tutors are a part of the ed tech platform.

The platform now also has an upgraded option for tutors to offer Online and Offline customization. This feature allows students to create a customized package of online and offline classes for themselves as per the availability of tutors. Another recent upgrade is the Scheduler option which has been developed further to offer more convenience to tutors. The advanced Scheduler lets tutors create their own schedule and list down all the time slots that they are available for teaching. Although the feature already existed on the platform, it is now more refined to make the process easier, more user-firendly and efficient.

For students, the refurbished platformincludes three options for students and parents to choose the right tutor. Option 1 is Find the Right Tutorwhich allows students and parents to give details about whomthey are looking for based on their class, subject, Board, budget etc. Once the details are entered, the platform’s search engine gives a detailed list of all the tutors available that match their requirements. Option 2 is Let GuruQ Help Youwhich is the GuruQ Chatbot Called the Qbot that allows students and parents to chat and provide their requirements. Based on that, GuruQ’s search engine creates a filtered list of the best tutors and sends it across. Option 3 isPost Your Tuition Needwhich helps students post their study requirements which are then broadcast to all the tutors who fit the category. The tutor that fits the student’s criteria and is first to agree to the budget,accepts the request will be connected with the student. While Find the Right Tutor existed on the platform and is now an upgraded version, the Let GuruQ Help You and Post Your Tuition Need have been added newly to improve the overall experience.

Another new feature on the platform is Instant Class that is apt when students have queries or doubts. The option allows to book an instant class with the current tutor which is conducted within a timeframe of six hours. The revampedplatform also has an upgraded Dashboard where students and tutors can find everything in one place including managing classes, timetables, assignments, notes tests, report cards etc.

With the new features garnering a great response, GuruQ is already in the process of developing its second phase of upgrades for the platform. The upcoming phase is scheduled to include Public or Private Group class, expanded Workspace option for students and tutors to exchange notes and assignments with each other, Report cards based on the results generated from tests, a system of Q Points and listingsof coaching institutes/centres, along with many many more in the pipeleine.

Talking about the new avatar of GuruQ, Ms. Minal Anand, CEO & Founder, GuruQ India, said, “Many students have embraced e-learning to augment their knowledge. By using technology, ed-tech platforms like ours provide students with access to quality education right at their fingertips. We wanted to introduce new features to our platform to bring in ease and convenience for students as well as tutors. All the features are highly advanced and innovative. They would go a long way in personalizing and improving the learning and teaching experience for students and tutors.”