Gurgaon Schools Counsel Students Against Killer Blue Whale Game

Gurgaon: To raise general awareness on the harmful consequences of Blue Whale Challenge the State Commission for Protection of Child Right (SCPCR) has issued an advisory to all the Haryana schools, including those affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

The main purpose of the advisory is to ensure that the children are monitored in schools and are not allowed to play any online games. For this the child rights panel will also organize awareness campaigns across the state this month.

“The students should not be allowed to use the internet without the supervision of the teachers and computer laboratories should be equipped with CCTV cameras. We want to ensure that the children are educated on social media games and know the harmful effects they can have on their impressionable minds,” said Sushil Verma, member, Haryana State Commission for defense of children Rights, Panchkula.

The game has become wildly popular among youngsters and they have even been interacting with friends on social media regarding it.

City-based schools have conjointly circulated guidelines to parents within the city, asking them to keep a check on the utilization of web by their wards at home.

“Time spent online by children and young adults should be wisely monitored by caregivers. The team at our school is closely involved in the emotional development of students. We are in touch with parents and students to make them aware of the hazardous effect of such mindless games,” said Jyoti Guha, principal, MatriKiran School.

“We have organised counselling sessions for students to ensure they use the Internet wisely. We are also keeping a strict vigil on the activities of students in school and have ensured that our counsellors are available throughout the day for guidance, “said Rohit Mann, director, Lancers International School.

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