Gurugram schools teach breast and cervical cancer awareness lessons to kids’ mothers

Gurugram: Blue Bells Group of School organized ‘Empezar’ – A Beginning, Health & Wellness Fiesta 2019-20 for the mothers at Blue Bells Public School and Blue Bells Model School. Under ‘Empezar’, the school organised a breast and cervical cancer awareness campaign which was followed by some cultural activities and fun game for the engagement of the kids’ mothers.

Mothers are the greatest gift of God to us. She is someone who makes our lives fulfilling and worth living. They are the one who gives unconditional care and happiness to their child. While accomplishing the needs of the child, they forget to take care of themselves. Thus, the main aim of the fiesta was to spread awareness amongst the women as they are the backbone of the family. To appreciate the role of a mother in a child’s life, few fun games and cultural activities were also organised.

Under the initiative and guidance of Dr. Alka Saxena, Deputy Director (Health & Wellness), BBGS, a session on “Awareness towards breast cancer and cervical cancer in females” was organized. This was an eye opener for all the mothers. The speaker Dr. Divya Sehra, Associate Consultant Gynaecology Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, took a session on Breast and Cervical Cancer for all the mothers present.

Dr Divya Sehra spoke about the causes, symptoms and prevention for both kinds of cancer in detail. Dr Sehra also explained the importance of early detection and the advancement in technology like robotic surgery and how they help in treating cancer very effectively. She urged all the mothers to take care of themselves as they are the pillars of the family and society.

Various events like Retro Twinning, fun Zone, Rangoli and salad decoration were also organised. The mothers were overwhelmed and overjoyed. The school stood enriched by the offerings made by mothers in the form of creativity. They were felicitated with tokens of honour and respect.