Gurushala conducts a webinar on National Achievement Survey for teachers



New Delhi : Gurushala, an online capacity building platform for teachers and students all over India, is an initiative of Indus Towers Ltd. and Vodafone Idea Foundation and is implemented by Pratham Education Foundation. Gurushala for the government and private school teachers of schools of Maharashtra, Nagaland and Goa, conducted a one day webinar on National Achievement Survey to help them understand the purpose of National Achievement Survey and their role as a teacher in NAS which is to be conducted soon in 733 districts all over India on 12 November 2021. Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India will conduct the National Achievement Survey 2021 (NAS) to assess the learning level of children in government and private schools on November 12. National Achievement Survey (NAS) is conducted in the selected sample of schools from all districts in India aimed at understanding the education system in government and government-aided schools. The performance of students from Classes 3 , 5 , 8 and 10 will be assessed and on the basis of schools in all the states and districts assessed will be given ranks which will be conducted through field observers who are independently consulted and sent to the respective schools. To further assist the teachers to put-in their best efforts, gurushala team conducted this webinar on National Achievement Survey on focusing the preparation for NAS for their respective schools..

The session was structured to engage teachers and provide them with a clear set of information about the National Achievement Survey since all the attention of teachers currently is on preparation for the NAS so that students perform well to achieve good ranks for their districts/states and the resources which needs to be available in the school as their presence in the classroom in selected schools may not be required while the test will be undertaken to maintain transparency as much as possible.

Gurushala invited Dr. (Mrs.) Rakesh Sachdeva, Principal of The Sirsa School, to share her valuable insights and experiences with teachers. She explained NAS is not only an assessment of the students but every body involved in it and the role of teachers in it is indispensable. Designed also in the context to also give an understanding about the survey which will help to assess the learning interruptions and new learnings during the COVID pandemic and help to take remedial measures and improve the quality of education.

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