H&A Pharmachem, Donated $500,000 of Development Funds to Department of Chemistry

H&A Pharmachem CEP Hyo-Kyung Yoo (Alumnus) and CTO CEO Hong-Geun Ji (Alumnus) visited the president’s office on December 21 and signed an agreement to donate $500,000 of development funds for 5 years to the Department of Chemistry and delivered $100,000 in the first year.

The fund delivery ceremony was held in a warm atmosphere with the attendance of SKKU President Dong-Ryeol Shin, Executive Board Member Young-Soo Joo, Vice-President of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus Hong-Jun Yoo, Dean of Chemistry Department Do-Hyun Ryu, Professor of Chemistry Department Jin-Hyo Bu, H&A CEO Hyo-Kyung Yoo, and CEO Hong-Geun Ji.

CEO Hyo-Kyung Yoo said in a greeting that H&A Pharmachem Co., Ltd., a company with cosmetics manufacturing and distribution companies, is proving its excellence in cosmetics material development based on independently developed technologies such as bioencapsulation, nano-emulsion, and bio-capsulation. He also expressed his ambition to contribute more to the university by further growing the company through continuous R&D and investment.

CTO CEO Hong-Geun Ji also gave a speech in greeting that “As a co-founder with the CEO Hyo-Kyung Yoo, I decided to sponsor university inspired by my school senior, Chair Deok-Hee Ryu and Chair Kyu-Hak Cho, and I will try to make the company go public and lead to greater donations in the future.”

President Dong-Ryeol Shin expressed his appreciation saying, “H&A Pharmachem’s donation to chemical and development fund is considered to be a bigger meaning because it gave great love and support to the university while the company is growing. We hope the company to be a promising company worldwide and contribute to the development of schools and departments.”

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