Handcrafted Toys at Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav at DilliHaat

New Delhi: The ongoing Aadi Mahotsav is indeed a delight for people of all age groups. From the best of tribal handicrafts, be it Dokrastyle to the bead necklaces from the Wanchoaand Konyak tribes in the North-East to resplendent weaves and fabrics such as silks and warm shawls to the organic, natural immunity-boosting produce like dry amla, wild honey, haldi, ragi; one can find everything to suit one’s taste and choice.

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Among the 200 stalls that sell these various items, there are a few exclusive stalls that have unique, handcrafted toys from various parts of the country. There are the famed Jhabua dolls made by the Bhils in Madhya Pradesh; Croatia dolls from Assam, Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh; coir toys from Kerala and also colourful puppets from Rajasthan. These dolls and toys are representative of tribal daily lives and reflect the ethnic attire worn by the tribal people from where they come from. These stalls are very much keeping in line with the Prime Minister’s vision to be vocal for local for toys. Sustainable, safe and handcrafted with love, these toys are not only interesting playthings for children but also make for decorative and attractive gifts.

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A visit to the Aadi Mahotsav is an enjoyable fare for the entire family as there is something for everyone. Besides shopping for some unique and ethnic tribal handicrafts, paintings, and also organic tribal produce, one can also enjoy exotic foods such as madwa roti, littichokha, dhuska, banjara biryani, dal baati and churma from different parts of the country here at the festival and view some entertaining cultural performances

The Aadi Mahotsav- A Celebration of the Spirit of Tribal Crafts, Culture and Commerce is on at DilliHaat, INA, New Delhi till the 15th February, 2021 from 11 am to 9 pm.


Visit Aadi Mahotsav and further the “Vocal for Local” movement! #BuyTribal


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