Happiness should be the Aim of Education, aver Experts during 5-day Faculty Development Programme on Organisational Happiness

New Delhi: A Panel Discussion on ‘Envisioning Direction for Organizational Happiness by Mind, Body & Soul Integration’ was organized by Amity University. The discussion inaugurated the 5-day FDP on Organisational Happiness: Crystallization of Self by Integrating Body, Mind and Soul sponsored by ATAL-AICTE. Over 160 universities registered their participation in the FDP that aims to provide the participants with an experiential understanding of the organisational Happiness nuances, various practical exercises and immersive/ thoughtful moments to relish.

Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities welcomed the panelists and shared how mental health issues are prevalent across age groups and categories leading to other serious health concerns. He stated the need for adding happiness in young minds, especially during the covid times. He advised academicians to make efforts to instill happiness in their students by constantly engaging and guiding them.

Guest of Honour Dr. Ezaz Ahmed Dean, Dean of Business Entrepreneurship & Technology, Columbia College, Columbia, USA highlighted that essence of leadership has changed and it makes a lot of difference in shaping the team. He shared that there is a need for a higher social acceptability and how happiness comes as a culture. He advocated for distributing the problem in smaller pieces to address them.

Dr. Swaroop Sampat Rawal, Miss India 1979, Actress and Director, NEM Life Skills, Mumbai shared her views on ‘Life Skills and Happiness’ and stated that life skills training could be a good option for enhancing student’s happiness. She averred that happiness should be the aim of education & how children learn best when they are happy.

Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia, President, Dainik Bhaskar Corp. Ltd. stated that insecurity of parents makes them push their children to study well & get a good job for a secure career. He attributed this to the absence of social fabric & called for the requirement of social security. He stressed on the need for inculcating respect for any kind of job. He further shared the need for openness within the family, society and discuss without suppressing any issues. Mr. Bhatia also asked students to live for their own self without thinking what people will say and not give control of their life to others.

Mr. Satinder Singh Rekhi, Managing Director R-Systems, Singapore, Hon. Chairman, Rekhi Centre of Excellence for Science of Happiness at IIT Kharagpur shared that if one person is happy in this interconnected world, he can make thousands happy. He added that there is a need to get over the fear of future and not let it overtake the present. He called upon students to live happily and not freeze themselves with fear of future. He narrated various stories with students giving valuable life lessons & added that fear is wired within our brains since ancestral times.

A host of speakers from a cross-section of industries and institutions participated and shared their knowledge & experience with the participants. These included Mr. Yogesh Kochhar, Ex- Director (Strategy and Corporate Affairs), Microsoft India; Dr. Rima Chowdhury, CHRO EVP Datamatics, Mumbai; Mr. Tushar Pradhan, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at HSBC Global Asset Management Company, Lead Trainer at Heartfulness Organization, Bangalore; Ms. Devika Srivastava – Certified Yoga Instructor – Maharishi Patanjali Yog & Prakitik Chitksa Parishad; Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman, Business World, Delhi, Chairman, BW Business World, Founder E4M, and Mr Ben Smith – Head of Research and Innovation – Chelsea Football Club among others.

Views were shared on topics like Secrets for managing Employees and Organization Happiness at workplace; Heartfulness Meditation; Hapify: Crystallization of Body & Mind to Create a Laughing Soul and Life cycle from Leader to Mentor: Startling Global Insights of Joyful Leaders & Blessed Organizations among others.