Harappa Education presents special year-end offers for their learners

Harappa Education, India’s leading online learning institution, is offering special year-end discounts for their learners. On offer are courses from Harappa’s 5 Habits – COMMUNICATE, THINK, SOLVE, COLLABORATE, and LEAD that includes 5-course each.

To enable learning of these life skills at scale and support individuals chart a winning career in 2021, Harappa Education has launched these special year-end discounts. While LEAD is available at ₹ 1,999, the other 4 bundles are available at a special price of ₹2,499. Along with this, Harappa’s all of 24 high-impact online courses are available on a special year-end offer of ₹ 9,999 till January 3, 2021.

According to recent reports, 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers across industries say that foundational skills are just as important – or more important – than hard technical skills. Executives now consider soft skills important to foster employee retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture. In fact, soft skills are a critical priority. This shows how the foundational skills are assuming importance across a wide variety of jobs, across sectors.

Towards this, Harappa has designed a unique curriculum of 5 Habits and 25 Skills, delivered through an engaging online-first approach, that addresses a core gap in education: the cognitive (how to think, reason and problem-solve), social (how to communicate, influence and build relationships) and behavioral (how to grow, act and lead) skills that employers crave at the workplace. These skills have assumed greater importance today, with the rise in remote work and the corresponding shift in the ways we collaborate with each other.


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