Harper Adams University: Expanded clearing places designed to meet industry challenges


Harper Adams University is expanding the number of places available on some courses through Clearing in order to meet industry challenges.

Following the launch of the School of Sustainable Food and Farming last year, the university is working with partners including the NFU, Morrisons and McDonalds to develop talent and knowledge to prepare the food and farming industry for the push towards net zero.

As a result, the university has increased places on related courses such as agriculture, animal welfare, food technology, land management and agri-business.

“The food production sector faces massive national and international challenges and needs fresh talent to meet them,” says Kim Chadwick-Reaney, who leads the Harper Adams student recruitment team.

“New entrants to the sector – including from backgrounds not previously allied to food and farming – are desperately needed and highly rewarding careers await them.

“New roles are emerging in data science, engineering and technology, environmental management and animal welfare which will all be vital to the mission to secure sustainable food supplies whilst protecting and healing our planet.

“It might seem like a niche industry – but it’s far from it. Everyone has to eat and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. We know that many young people across the country, as well as potential mature students, are either not holding any UCAS offers for 2022 or haven’t even applied to University yet and our message to those uncertain about their future, is to consider a career in the food supply chain – there is so much it can offer!

“We also have places on courses that might not be directly linked to the sector – for those who might wish to work with pet animals, or become mechanical engineers, or general business leaders.”

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