Havaianas launches its first Pride global collection, to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and establishes a partnership with All Out

New Delhi: Havaianas, the iconic Brazilian Flip Flop brand, is committed to the LGBTQIA+ community and has announced the global launch of a line of products in the month of pride to support the cause. In addition, the brand has announced actions and initiatives in order to diminish differences, promote equality. Havaianas has also established a partnership with All Out, an organization that acts globally on advocating love and equality, mobilizing civil society and companies to defend the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. This partnership will ensure that projects and NGOs linked to All Out receive funds to move forward in search of better conditions for this part of the population.

The initiatives announced go from transferring funds resulting from product line sales to All Out, an organization with local and global operations that advocates for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people; greater size range for more than 20 products by 2021, such as the Glitter line, and several other Havaianas sandal styles; plus an innovative change to the Havaianas e-commerce where, as from September, consumers have the option of choosing their products according to colors, mood, and styles, as they will no longer be separated by gender.

In almost 60 years of history, Havaianas has always dressed everyone’s feet, regardless of gender, social class, regionality, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, and now, in 2020, through a partnership with All Out and with the sizing changes, the brand goes even further.

“In recent years we have made great strides in terms of diversity in our communication, but we know that this is a long journey. We understand that this change works like a ripple effect, and it is stronger if it is a long-term commitment. By permanently including the Pride line products in our portfolio and expanding our range with sizes that fit more people, Havaianas is committed to continuously celebrating, including, and supporting the community,” says Fernanda Romano, CMO of Alpargatas, holder of the Havaianas brand.

The launch of the Pride line will be a milestone, breaking a paradigm even at Havaianas. More than a product launch, the brand is bringing the mission home; making a difference at the end.

“During the last few years, we have been talking to a wide variety of influencer profiles, so the movement that is taking place now, can happen in a very natural and transparent manner, which is what Havaianas is all about,” explains Fefa.

Partnership with All Out, a global movement operating in Brazil to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community

As a part of the partnership with All Out, for every Pride line product sold, 7% of the net income will go to All Out and its projects supported in Brazil and worldwide. This commitment will be continuous, as the Pride line will become part of the regular product line for the brand, providing aid for the institution on an ongoing basis.

“In almost 70 countries, it is a crime to be gay [homosexual man]). All Out’s mission is to ensure that no one has to sacrifice their freedom or their dignity, their family or their safety, for being who they are or for loving who they love. The partnership with Havaianas will give our work advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights, in Brazil and worldwide an important boost,” reinforces Leandro Ramos, All Out Regional Director for Latin America.

Extended sizes

Havaianas is committed to becoming even more democratic so that more people can wear all the Havaianas sandals. Until now, as a result of demand, the brand had some size restrictions for certain styles and colors as they were deemed more “feminine”, but that will change in the coming year. Altogether there are more than 20 styles that will have extended sizes, up to 45/6. In addition, most of the styles in the next collection will be available from the factory with the extended sizes.

Some of the main and best-selling products that are desired by many people, will have bigger styles for the most varied foot sizes; Slim Family, Slim Glitter, Top Disney, and others, will be available as of July in the brand’s stores and e-commerce. (available in select countries)

Gender revolution in e-commerce

In a non-binary way, starting in September, everyone will be free to choose the Havaianas product they like best. In September, the brand will launch a new website where it will no longer prioritize the query according to gender, breaking the traditional rules of product search.