HCCB introduces its ‘work from home’ policy

Pune: HCCB, one of India’s top FMCG companies, has rolled out a ‘work from home’ policy for employees. The policy will span the period post-pandemic, such that employees can choose to permanently work-from-home, provided they do not need to be physically present at the work location (factory, sales etc.). Building on the company’s basic tenet of providing care and flexibility, the policy provisions for employee safety, their emotional and physical well-being and also monetary support to make the work-home space ergonomics suitable.

As a first step, the company has started delivering ergonomically designed chairs from its office to the eligible employees, working out of its headquarters in Bengaluru, to their homes, on request. Those working in other cities have the option to purchase work chairs. Recognizing the need for uninterrupted internet connectivity, HCCB will provide monetary support for employees to install UPS for power back-up including monthly wi-fi expenses. Employees can also avail of monetary support to purchase tables, headphones, lamps, webcam, external microphone, even a coffee mug or flower arrangement. To deal with physical and emotional challenges, the company has provisioned for telemedicine facility and wellness counseling through the organization 1To1 HELP. An app available for easy download, managed by a chatbot, will continue to be used by employees to update the company on their health and wellness. The company has modified its health insurance policy with provisions to include parents and in-laws and ‘top-up’ cover for the immediate dependents.

The policy has been designed by a cross-functional team with extensive inputs from a large swathe of the organization.

Explaining the policy, Mr. Indrajeet Sengupta, CHRO at HCCB said, “This policy is led by empathy and flexibility, ensuring employees and their dependents to feel safe and be at ease, regardless of their work location. The idea is to provide a seamless experience that is meaningful both for the company as well as the employees. The unique feature of the policy is that it has been co-created by our colleagues who we feel know their problems the best. The situation is evolving and hence we remain open and flexible to any modifications that the policy may need.”

The policy makes available training programs and support materials to help employees effectively navigate their day, be productive, minimize digital fatigue and adapt to the new way of working. The company has also made available LinkedIn Learning and Harvard ManageMentor training programs.