HCL Digital Concerts – India’s First Talent Identification and Nurturing Platform for Indian Classical Performing Arts Unveiled

New Delhi: HCL Concerts, an initiative dedicated to promoting Indian classical performing arts, today unveiled HCL Digital Concerts.

HCL Concerts, an initiative dedicated to promoting Indian classical performing arts, today unveiled HCL Digital Concerts. A first-of-a-kind initiative, HCL Digital Concerts is aimed at identifying, nurturing and supporting the next generation of talent in the Indian classical performing arts space. It will provide a platform to young and aspiring artists to showcase their talent to the world through a digital medium. HCL will also support the artists in their journey to emerge as the next generation of performers as well as build their web presence.

The selection process for HCL Digital Concerts comprises:

Inviting entries – artists from all sub-genres including vocals, instrumental and dance across classical, semi-classical, fusion, Sufi-fusion and classical-fusion from across the country are invited to submit their entries at – https://www.hclconcerts.com/digitalconcertsapplication/
There is no application fee
Identifying talented performers – 36 artists will be identified by specialized agencies from the overall entry pool, over 12-months
These artists will perform at 12 HCL Digital Concerts (over 12 months) – with three artists or bands per Concert
Performing with the legends – HCL Digital Concerts will further shortlist the 36 artists to identify Nine top performers who will get an opportunity to share the stage with established legends
Maestros of Indian Classical performing arts – Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash, Anil Srinivasan and Purbayan Chatterjee are part of the jury that will identify these nine performers

Sitar Maestro, Purbayan Chatterjee said, “India has had a long-standing ‘guru-shishya’ parampara that has ensured that senior artists mentor young talent to nurture and sustain the classical arts from generation to generation. I have had the good fortune to do this in my personal capacity, but the opportunity to do this with an entirely new generation of upcoming talent under the aegis of HCL Digital Concerts takes this to an altogether higher level. A platform like HCL Digital Concerts will give emerging artists an opportunity with truly global scale and reach, that was not possible earlier.”

Sundar Mahalingam, Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Corporation said “HCL Digital Concerts is a first-of-a-kind talent identification and nurturing platform that will help connect the younger artists with the connoisseurs of Indian Classical performing arts. I am hopeful that over the next 12 months, we will be able to identify hidden gems and nurture them to eventually emerge as torchbearers of India’s glorious legacy of classical arts.”

HCL Digital Concerts initiative is also creating a program to help these talented artists maximize their potential. This will include building compelling artists’ portfolios, giving them sustained exposure on the HCL Concerts web platforms and helping them connect with other platforms and agencies. HCL Digital Concerts will also train them to leverage the power of social media to engage with and increase their followers.