HCL Technologies and ISG Release Joint Perspective on Collaborative Human-Machine Ecosystem

New Delhi: HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company has teamed with ISG to publish “Bolstering a Meaningful Coexistence in the Digital Epoch,” a joint perspective that highlights the transition of global organizations into a collaborative human-machine ecosystem incorporated by next-gen digital technologies and its impact on the new normal.

The white paper proposes that by leveraging the advancement of new technologies, enterprises can deploy tasks more suited for machines, thereby liberating humans to focus on core innovation.

Disruption of advanced digital technologies and data-driven business models have created a need for hyper-innovation, which amalgamates humans and machines. Envisioning a future-forward enterprise fostered by intelligent suite of technologies, a human-machine cognition is paramount toward building an “Enterprise Super Mind” and can help organizations look toward a newer mode of operations based on increased resilience, agility and scalability.

With a growing need to stretch employee skillsets to dimensions that involve digital acumen, analytical thinking and exemplary decision making, digital augmentation of business operations can also provide availability of space to elevate human capabilities to these dimensions. With analytical tools, emergence of intuitive, role-based and domain-led humanlike platforms can uplift organizations toward seamless processes and defined activities for each employee to enrich their experience.

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