HDFC ERGO targets to achieve 20% female workforce by 2023, Project Shakti provides Momentum

· Project Shakti is the beginning of the diversity and inclusion journey at HRFC ERGO

New Delhi:  Acknowledging the power of women and leveraging their strength in the corporate sector, HDFC ERGO- a leading Private General Insurer has set a target to achieve a 20 % woman workforce in the company by 2023 and 25% by 2025. Encouraging more women to be part of the company has been integrated with its Project Shakti. HDFC ERGO announced its plan to unleash the power of women during a Webinar today.


Addressing the opening session, Mr. Mehmood Mansoori, President – Shared Services and Online Business, HDFC ERGO said, “Diversity is not only about gender, but also about diversity of mind, skill, thought process. We strongly believe that people with different backgrounds and regions come together in a company and create miracles. The organization was set up in 2008 and currently, we have a significant number of women workforce in our different divisions like sales, support, health, motor vehicle, and customer service. We plan to achieve 25% women workforce in the company by 2025.”


The company has been running mentoring programs for women and have introduced a slew of measures to make them comfortable with flexible work hours, Work From Home, and a favourable posting and transfer policy.


Elaborating the Project Shakti, Mr Anuj Tyagi- National Head Corporate Business, HDFC ERGO said, “Project Shakti is the beginning of the diversity and inclusion journey at HRFC ERGO. We are excited to launch the first pillar under this umbrella through our series of gender diversity initiatives. We are determined to hire, nurture and grow those who decide to join us on this incredible journey. We believe that each one has a unique ability – the Shakti within and HDFC ERGO aims to be the melting pot for unleashing this power by creating an equitable workplace for all.”


Project Shakti draws inspiration from a Vedic Hymn- “ Yatra Narishu Pujayante Ramante Tatra Devata ( Where women are worshipped, God resides there with the blessing and thus society flourishes.


In another brainstorming session during the seminar Ms Anamika Aggarwal, Vice President, General Insurance, HDFC ERGO, Ms Nishitha Rodrigues, Vice President – Customer Experience Management, HDFC, ERGO, Ms Mimi Nicklin, Empathetic Leader & Business Coach, author of the book- ‘Empathy Everywhere’, and Ms Shalmoly Kheera, TV Presenter and author of book ‘Bedazzle’ deliberated on various issues related to women empowerment.


Appreciating HDFC ERGO for the initiative Project Shakti Ms Shalmoly said, “I am now worried for males who are now growing up in such an environment today, where women can achieve anything. Our race is not against men, but against age-old beliefs, customs and society. We can’t change the thinking of a family but what HDFC Ergo is doing, providing them with a platform is incredible.”


“Our religious texts mention that even God is incomplete of Shakti. So, to unleash the power within, it is important to empower women in those empowering positions where they can take the decision of their own and nurture the company. We need to have trust and faith in them that they can do the best,” added Ms Anamika Aggarwal who has been instrumental in enhancing our footprints and strengthening HDFC ERGO’s position in corporate clients in various sectors like BFSI, Manufacturing, IT and so on.


HDFC ERGO panelists stressed that the Company has its target of 20% female workforce till 2023, but before even Shakti was announced the company unconsciously was working in an equitable environment. It has developed a culture of creating and nurturing talents. According to them, power to coach, to mentor, embrace failures with utmost dignity, all these qualities qualifies to be Shakti.


“Women constitute nearly 50% of population in the country, however at the workplaces less than 10% are at the leadership positions. Making women self-reliant and independent should be our main goal. The world is turbulent for both men and women. The real barrier is resilience to change, being empathetic towards each other and having open communication with women. Fundamentally enquiry drives understanding. Empathy is not about agreement or judgement. It is proven that when diversity increases, profitability will also increase. Balancing humanism and capitalism is the main task,” emphasized Ms Anamika Aggarwal.


Ms Mimi Nicklin also lauded the efforts of HDFC ERGO and urged all women to unleash the power within.

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