Health Camps organised by Raj Bhavan’s Doctors in Rein Basera

Bhopal : Two Health Camps were organized by the Doctors of Raj Bhavan at Rein Basera, Shahjahani Park last month. The ayurved, homeopathic and allopathic medical specialists rendered their services in the camps. Health check up of 220 people was conducted and proper treatment and consultation were given to them during the camp.

Health check up of 71 people was conducted by Ayurved Dr. Gita in the camp. Of these, 50 were given proper treatment and medicines were distributed to 21 other patients. Similarly, health check up of 77 patients was conducted by Homoeopathic Doctor Kirti Rathore and out of which 37 were given proper treatment and 40 people were given disease resistant drugs. Most of the patients in the camp were suffering from common cold.

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