Health Talk, Nukkad Natak for healthy nutrition



Aligarh : In the continuing activities to observe the ‘National Nutrition Week’ at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU); a health talk and a Nukkad Natak (Street Play) of the Urban Health Training Centre, Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) were held yesterday.

“The programmes were aimed to spread awareness on the importance of a balanced diet, replete with all the necessary nutrients that our body requires for various functions”, said Prof Saira Mehnaz (Chairperson, Department of Community Medicine).

Endocrinologist, Dr S S Akbar Abedi spoke about the consumption of complex carbohydrates, high fibre content and low glycemic index food while discussing the complications of uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic foot and impairment of vision.

Dr Safia Habib delineated the contribution of diet in controlling blood glucose level and discussed the benefits of phytophenol and polyphynols present in ajwain, betel leaves, cabbage and cinnamon in controlling blood sugar level.

Dr Ali Jafar Abedi (MIC, Urban Health Training Centre) motivated people to make healthy food choices to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Dr Shahnwaz conducted the program and Dr Sameena Ahmad extended the vote of thanks.

Later at Harduaganj, Aligarh, medical students performed ‘Food Taboos’, a Nukkad Natak to spread awareness about healthy eating habits and precautions that are necessary to be taken while preparing and eating food.

The street play was attended by school children, patients and working members of CHC, Harduaganj.

Dr Chandan Kumar Tiwari discussed how a balanced diet comes handy in keeping lifestyle diseases at bay.

He urged people not to practice food taboos such as avoiding curd while suffering cough and tuberculosis and not drinking milk after surgeries.


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