HEC Paris launches bespoke business program for the post-Covid 19 world


Innovative new executive education program tailored to individual business offers flexible approach to structure, content, and delivery

HEC Paris Business School announces the latest addition to its executive education portfolio with the launch of a program called “Rebooting your business for a new normal.”

Designed to help companies tackle post Covid-19 challenges, the new program puts businesses back in the driving seat as the world enters what many are calling “the new normal”.

This is the first time HEC Paris has pre-designed a custom program which can be adapted and built around each company’s specific circumstances and needs.

Rebooting your business for a new normal delivers all the benefits of an open program – a program that comes with a pre-existing structure, content and modules – with all the flexibility of a custom learning solution that can be precision-tailored to individual companies’ learning objectives and preferences in terms of delivery: face to face, remote or as a blended package.

The program is a comprehensive learning experience for companies grappling with the three pressing issues of the COVID-19 crisis: extreme uncertainty as we cannot expect to go back to normal any time soon; the deepening economic crisis which could render current business models obsolete ; and the “new workplace” as remote working becomes more of a norm.

According to Executive Director, Nicolas Lemoine: “We have designed the content, delivery and structure of this program to be completely flexible. Businesses can choose to create courses targeting everyone from senior managers to rising stars. They also have the freedom to decide if they prefer a concentrated course, run over a few weeks or a slower approach which could last for up to a year. The beauty of this course is that we can deliver it in-person, online or through blended learning and we can focus it on short term needs, long-term challenges or both.”

Program modules: “Rebooting your business for a new normal”

The program will consist of four modules, each focusing on the practical steps required to emerge from the pandemic in the strongest position possible.

The first module focuses on understanding the megatrends that are currently re-shaping our world, from the challenges of teleworking to the advance of localism in both production and consumption.

The second module is designed to provide managers with practical tools to operate in this changing environment addressing issues such as complex problem-solving and reimagining value creation. In this module, current dilemmas such as sustainability or social needs are a primary focus.

The third module addresses innovation and encourages participants to identify new business models which will give them a competitive advantage in the new business landscape.

The final module looks at leadership issues including new challenges such as how managers can build trust in a world where managers can be physically separated from their colleagues and team members.

Unprecedented times

Lemoine stresses that we are living through unprecedented times that call for a proactive response: “For many, the most tempting response is to freeze time, control the damage and hope to return to normal once the crisis is over. In the real world, this will not happen. Managers need to prepare now for the new normal and implement proactive strategies for the challenges ahead. The businesses who will thrive in the future are the ones who have learned from the past. Now is the time to adapt and adjust to the new world that we know is coming.”

For more information on the program, please contact: https://www.hec.edu/en/executive-education/rebooting-your-business-new-normal

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