Heidelberg University is inviting students of all subjects to a “Long Night of Assignments” in digital form on 4 March 2021. From 5 to 10pm, students are welcome to take part in various advice sessions on the topic of academic writing. The University Library will offer assistance with written projects that have come to a standstill or are proving difficult to handle. Activities include, for example, introductions to dealing with quotations correctly and handling reference management software. The online workshops will operate using the “heiCONF” conference tool with access through the event website. No registration is necessary.

The online presentations and virtual information sessions aim to help overcome a writer’s block and manage tasks such as planning and structuring a written paper or researching and limiting topic areas. Staff from different facilities at Heidelberg University such as the Department of Key Skills and University Didactics will present strategies for successful self- and time management. They will demonstrate methods of looking for secondary literature and give briefings on the effective use of search machines. In addition, students can consult the IT service during an open question time. What’s more, “taster” courses will present various relaxation techniques.

Likewise on the programme of the “Long Night of Assignments” are self-learning courses for different subjects. There will be video explanations and collections of exercises on how to write academic papers. The participants can work through these exercises and apply them to their own assignments. It is also possible for them to share their experience and progress with one another in video conferences. Formats especially suited to international students will also be available.

Besides the University Library, those involved in the programme are the Central Student Advisory Office / Career Service, the Department of Key Skills and University Didactics, the International Relations Division and the University Computing Centre. Also represented is the Psychosocial Counselling unit of Heidelberg student union (Studierendenwerk).

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