Here’s Why You Should Consider Boarding Schools

Boarding schools have been in existence for several centuries now and the format of education imparted by them is not new to us. They have been widely regarded as institutions that provide only the highest quality of education. Children from vastly diverse backgrounds attend boarding schools, experience a holistic and comprehensive education that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom so that they can become the complete men and women of tomorrow.

Over the decades, the mindsets of Indian parents have changed significantly. Nowadays, Indian parents are increasingly encouraging their children to be independent and self sufficient, so it is hardly surprising that more and more parents are enrolling their children into boarding schools. It is also without doubt that the value of a boarding school education too has increased over the years.

Across all cultures, education is viewed as a cornerstone of a well-rounded personality as well as success in one’s professional life. As the proverb goes, knowledge is indeed power. A good education in a child’s formative years sets a solid foundation for a bright and fulfilling future career. Education contributes to the overall growth and development of children, both mentally and physically, through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and boarding schools provide an environment where students study, live, play and collaborate with each other.


India boasts of a large number of well known and highly respected boarding schools, many of them being located in picturesque locations. If you are looking for a boarding school in North Bengal, or in Himachal Pradesh, or in one of India’s modern metropolises, there is an abundance of good schools to choose from.


Parents always want what is best for their children, and needless to say, they want to see their children being successful and prosperous in their lives. It is for these reasons that they place a huge amount of importance on providing their children with the best possible education, so that they are duly equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the world.


It has been discovered that children who have had a boarding school education tend to perform better in university as well as in their professional lives, according to the findings of research conducted by The Arts & Science Group of Baltimore and The Association of Boarding Schools. This is not surprising, as boarding schools, by their very nature, are educational institutions that help children become more disciplined and organised, in turn making them independent of anyone else. Boarding schools teach children the subjects that are taught in every other school, but the focus is on much more than simply delivering theoretical education in the classroom. Boarding schools provide children with a complete education experience that traditional day schools do not. These schools shape personalities, instill values and make them socially aware, responsible adults who, in turn, become an integral part of the greater community.


In this blog, we look at some of the many reasons that you should consider enrolling your child into a boarding school. A boarding school education will help your child in the following ways:


  1. Comprehensive and holistic education

Boarding schools provide children with an environment where they not just study, but play and live together. This gives them an overall experience that is not limited to classroom learning, but a holistic approach that involves co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well.

  1. Independence and self-sufficiency

As boarding schools are establishments where children live on campus, they learn to become independent and self-sufficient as they get accustomed to living in a shared environment with other students away from their families. They adapt to a lifestyle where they learn to take care of themselves and become more disciplined.

  1. Boost to leadership skills

In a boarding school, students are always encouraged to become better versions of themselves and there are numerous group activities that require a leadership role. It is through these activities that children get out of their comfort zone and take the initiative to attain a common goal.

  1. Better communication skills

A boarding school, being an environment where children study, play and live with others of their age group, provides a setting where children of vastly different cultural backgrounds and starkly contrasting worldviews interact and grow together. This helps them develop and refine their communication skills, making them better both at expressing themselves and at being better listeners.

  1. Responsibility and propriety

Being in an environment where children have to be independent and self-sufficient, students learn how to look after themselves as well as take care of their personal belongings without having their parents to remind them. This helps to foster a strong sense of accountability and propriety in children, making them into responsible young adults.

  1. Collaboration and teamwork

Boarding schools provide ample opportunities to students to participate in shared activities, group projects and games where they learn the importance of collaboration and cooperation with one another. They learn to work together as a team to accomplish a shared goal.

  1. Time and money management skills

In a boarding school, children learn to adjust to a lifestyle away from home and without constant parental guidance. They learn to become more disciplined and learn the value of both time and money management. They understand the importance of prioritising their activities, having healthy schedules as well as how to spend their money wisely.

  1. Social awareness

Children live, study and play with other children from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds and experiences in a boarding school. This helps them become more socially aware and open-minded and compassionate towards other people. In turn, this helps in the development of a balanced and empathetic worldview that gives them a better understanding of the world around them and the greater society to which they belong.

  1. Lasting friendships

As children grow together in a boarding school, they develop strong and meaningful bonds with their peers with whom they have shared many experiences. These bonds translate into lasting friendships, and it has been seen that students who have had a boarding school education tend to have a more diverse group of friends later on in life.

  1. Smoother transition to university and professional life

Given the findings of research that a boarding school education helps children become more disciplined and adaptable, children develop a more realistic and balanced view of society and how the world functions. This helps them navigate through their university and professional lives with greater ease, as the knowledge and skills they acquired hold them in good stead.


In view of the above, it can be safely said that a boarding school experience will benefit your child in a variety of ways, shaping them to become future ready citizens of the country. There are plenty of good choices, whether you are looking for a private school in Siliguri, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Pune or Dehradun. As more and more Indian parents choose to enrol their children in boarding schools, it becomes clearer that this format of education is gaining greater popularity today. So, are you ready to equip your child to take on the world?

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