Hèrmosa Design Studio gives back to society during the COVID-19 pandemic

Home décor and furnishing haven based in Kota, Rajasthan, Hèrmosa Design Studio is known for its conscientious approach to design. As the young visionary at the helm of the brand, CEO Pranjal Agarwal has been involved in various philanthropic activities. The health crisis that gripped the country since March has further served as an opportunity for him to give back to those in need through a dedicated response to the pandemic.

Several aspects of everyday life were disrupted in light of the unprecedented lockdown, with everyday rations becoming a struggle for marginalized communities. Hèrmosa was directly involved in the relief effort by distributing food and other essentials to local shelters through a ration kit of everyday staples, including pulses, wheat, grain, flour, spices, and rice. Through their efforts, 10,000 ration kits were distributed to families with enough supplies to last for a week.

CEO Pranjal Agarwal further sought to ease the undue burden placed on healthcare workers by donating newly purchased steam cleaners and sanitation equipment for plants to local hospitals to aid the fight against COVID-19. The company also worked hand-in-hand with government hospitals to arrange for PPE kits, masks, and essential medicines for all employees, amounting to 2,000 masks and 5,000 sanitizer bottles. These efforts were supplemented with the creation of a hotline number for any emergency services needed by the employees during the lockdown.

Going truly above and beyond the mandate, Hèrmosa also aided the local administration of Kota in their efforts to make the lockdown smoother by providing 30 commercial vehicles for the distribution of essential goods and supplies during the two months of lockdown. The same assistance was extended to its employees, and the company arranged to have their homes sanitized to ensure safety and peace of mind for their loved ones. For employees stuck at different locations due to work commitments, the company arranged for vehicles and passes that ensured their safe journey back home.

While the pandemic that has gripped the nation is unlike any other, Hèrmosa Design Studio stands strong by its commitment of aiding all sectors of the society on the road to a better tomorrow.

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