Hero Mindmine helping Paytm transform its workforce through digital skills training and development

New Delhi: Well-trained and ambitious employees are an asset to any company, through proper training they always aspire to surpass the performance benchmark, hence contributing to the organisation’s growth. Paytm, India’s leading financial services company that offers full-stack payments and financial solutions to consumers, offline merchants and online platforms, is partnering with Hero Mindmine to support the skilling of their Field Sales Executives.


A spokesperson at Hero Mindmine stated that “the current world crisis has for the last one year driven us all in working from our homes and has forced most of us to adopt the digital modes of payment. We are excited to be partnering with Paytm as their training partner and are looking to deliver custom designed training to their Field Sales Executives.”


Since India is fast progressing towards a digital wallet only environment, it is imperative to spread awareness and create ‘ease’ of using digital payment methods and various other tools being offered by Paytm.


Sharing a vision to accelerate India’s digital wallet only environment, the aim of the partnership is to build Paytm pride, learn various advanced selling skills and techniques, objection handling and negotiations, enhancing merchant experience, fraud sensitisation etc.


Through this training, Paytm personnel will learn to identify opportunities and build awareness and project themselves as a product ambassador. It will also bring standardisation and ensure effective implementation of sales & service strategies across the organisation by improving efficiency and consistency. By equipping and enabling the sales staff with the required training, Paytm will be able to inculcate a growth culture among the employees which in turn will help them in retaining the right talent.


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